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The Best Summer Running Gear

May 13, 2017 | Kit, Running | 6 comments

Yes, it really is Summer, despite what the weather outside in the UK might suggest. This time last year I had bare legs and summer dresses – this year? I’m still wearing a winter coat. WTF London?

In the hopes that Summer is actually on its way, I’ve put together my workout/running wish list – and worst case scenario I can wear it on my fitness trip to Sardinia in July (eek).

Best Summer Running Kits

1. Sweaty Betty Kenza Workout Crop 2. New Balance x J Crew Star leggings 3. 4. Adidas Marble Crop & Leggings 5. New Balance x J Crew Navy Tank 6. Sweaty Betty Contour 7/8 Workout leggings 7. J Crew Impact Running Shorts  8. Train Times Shorts 

I’m actually tempted to write a whole post about how much I love the Lululemon Sole Training shorts, seriously. I wore them in Boston for the marathon (breaking my cardinal rule of nothing new on race day) with no chafing or issues at all. They’re long enough that they’re flattering, the side pockets fit all your gels, phones, keys etc plus there’s another pocket at the back too. The only downside – they’ve been so popular that the black ones are sold out in both the UK and the US. I’ve just ordered the blue ones in the US and am getting the black in Lululemon’s most similar pair – the Train Times Shorts.

What’s top of your wish list? Which are your favourite sportswear shops currently? 


  1. Samantha

    What’s item number 3? Really love grey tops at the moment. Great wish list btw!

  2. Sarah Plummer

    Lululemon speed shorts for me, I have 4 pairs!

  3. Nicole

    i have #8 and i was skeptical at first that they might ride up, but they don’t and I am obsessed.

  4. Cindy Corliss

    I have the sole training shorts too and I love them! I might have to get another pair as my only other pair of shorts are too big. The black and blue are still sold out?! I might have to go take a peek in my local store.

  5. Rich

    Nice selection! I’ve found myself on the SportsShoes website lately and they do more than shoes, haha.

  6. Katie Louise Halsall

    Yess! I saw the cactus gear on another blog and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I love it haha.


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