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Berlin Sub 4 Marathon Training Plan: Week 9

Aug 12, 2014 | Running | 8 comments

The 29th of September is getting scarily close, especially with two holidays and a lot of work between now and then. I am feeling pretty confident in terms of my run training, but I am scared of the added pressure I’m putting on myself with time goals for Berlin. Ultimately, as much as I want to hit my target goal time, I want to enjoy the run and finish smiling, rather than in tears (like in Paris). It’s not fair on my supporters who have travelled to watch me to be miserable. Plus I hear the German beer is pretty good!

With that in mind, I am going to continue to work hard over the next 7 weeks, but try to convince myself that just finishing will be an achievement in itself.

Monday- A pathetic core ‘workout’ in my sitting room while catching up on my favourite Royal Marine’s Commando School programme  involving a few planks, sit ups, bicycle crunches and a lot of procrastinating.

Tuesday– Yasso 800s – 7 X 800 with 400m recovery jogs.
3.26, 3.30, 3.28, 3.21, 3.28, 3.28, 3.28,

I’m not allowed to listen to music during my speed work, but that doesn’t stop me singing nonsense in my head. I couldn’t stop singing Blink 182 ‘Girl at the Rock Show’ which helped me push through the final repeats.

Wednesday-Free yoga with Lululemon and Wholefoods in Richmond with Steph and Beki. I woke up ready to run, despite the rain, so was thrilled to remember that I’d signed up for this class!

Thursday- 6 miles @8.40 pace along the Thames. I took my hydration pack as I thought I would be doing 8 miles (I was supposed to have done 8 on Weds), but realised that I might be ruining my legs for Friday’s long run with 8 miles, so cut it to my standard 6 mile loop.

Friday- 15 Miles before work  to ensure my long run was done before the weekend.

Saturday– Tom’s sister’s wedding. I was at the house helping everyone get ready, and it was all hands on deck so it just would not have been feasible to have nipped out for a 2 and a bit hour run!

Sunday- Recovering from the awesome wedding!

So a great week of running, but not so great a week for cross training. Next week is going to be similar as I am working on location without access to my gym. I need to improve my ability and determination to complete strength workouts outside of the gym and on my own. 


  1. Ash Bear

    I hear that friends can be great motivators. We should choose our cross training day or at home workout day and choose the same workout to do together virtually 🙂

    • Charlie

      yes please, sounds like a brilliant idea. x

  2. Stephanie The Magpie

    You are doing so well, I know you are going to SMASH your goal. Keep the focus speedy lady. I think this sounds like a great week’s work. All the standing at a wedding counts as cross training!

    • Charlie

      Thanks lovely- appreciate the support!

  3. Haddock

    Wow…. 6 miles…..
    That must have been real tight… and a wedding too.
    Voted for you Charlotte 🙂

  4. Jess

    Sounds like it’s going well Charlie- i think you’re gonna smash it 😉 I tried my first set of 800 yasso’s today after reading about them on your blog… it was haaard. Slightly hobbling now!

    • Charlie

      Oh no, sorry. Glad you gave them a go though!


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