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Berlin Sub 4 marathon training plan: Week 7

Jul 31, 2014 | Running | 0 comments

What a week filled with a little bit of running and lot of other types of workouts and activities.

Monday- An hour of tennis (not sure it would count as an actual game) with Tom.

TuesdayYasso 800s. I’ll be including these in my training each week, with the number of repetitions increasing up to 10! This week there were 5 on the plan, run on the treadmill at between a 7.30 and 7.35min mile pace- 3.40-3.50 800m. I need to take my 800s outside soon, but it has been really helpful completing these first few weeks on the treadmill to gauge pace and effort.

After work I went to the Curry’s Intro to Juicing where I got to catch up with a number of my blogging buds, as well as learning about the pros and cons of juicing before we were able to make our own juices. With a large selection of fruits and veg, I chickened out a bit, and ended up with a lot of berries, spinach, apples and celery in my drink. Sadly they had run out of cucumber and mint when Sophie and I went to pick our selection.

I don’t particularly agree with juice diets, but I do think they’re a bloomin’ delicious addition to your diet. I might have actually bought myself a juicer that I found on sale yesterday!

Wednesday– I completed a leg and abs workout at the gym that I forgot to write down, but it included step ups, lunges and walking lunges, squats, kettle bell swings, planks, bicycle crunches and leg press. It was a great workout, and definitely had my muscles burning and abs burning.

That evening, I was with Sophie again but this time we were working on a fun project with Adidas that involved a some running and a lot of laughing. I can’t wait to share it when it goes live!

Thursday- I was supposed to be running 8 miles at 8.25 pace, however after running 5 miles I called it a day and caught the bus. My head and body just weren’t in it. I know that lack of fuelling didn’t help, and I’m going to blame the heat too. I knew I had a big weekend coming up so didn’t want to push through and risk tiring my legs before our challenge. As soon as I stopped I knew it was the right decision, but I also immediately wanted a ‘rematch’ with this run in the future. I know I can get that pace for that distance- bring it on.

Friday- Rest day driving up to Fort William in Scotland before our hiking weekend.

Saturday/Sunday- The Three Peaks Challenge! 
3 mountains, 14 hours of hiking, 24 hours.


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