Berlin Sub 4 Marathon Training Plan: Week 2

I knew when signing up for a September marathon that training during my busy period at work (and socially) wouldn’t be easy, and this week has been the first taste of attempting to squeeze it all in. With two days working on location, one day off as holiday and a real mini break with friends, running hasn’t always come top of the agenda. But at least it has come on the agenda, and with 4 running workouts completed, plus a few others thrown in for good measure, I’m pretty pleased with myself!

Monday-Reformer Pilates- starting to love this class, only wish it wasn’t so expensive. For me it works as both strength and flexibility training.

Tuesday– 5 X 400m (86sec, 82sec, 84sec, 83sec, 85sec) and 30 Minutes Arms and Abs Workout

Wednesday– Rockclimbing date with Tom

Thursday– 5K time trial. It was hot, it was early and it was painful. I relished the pauses at traffic lights- this wasn’t a jog on the spot and cross if the road is clear pauses, they were ‘let’s stop completely and wait for the green man’ pauses. Not strictly allowed, but I ran it 30 seconds faster than my current 5K PR, so it obviously worked! 23.38. Oh and I met the legend that is Chrissie Wellington! 

Friday– 5 Miles @ 8.34 pace before a day of hat wearing, champagne drinking and horse racing at Royal Ascot with Tom’s family.


Sunday– 11 Miles through the Irish countryside- all of it on undulating rural roads. I ran the first 6 miles alone, then looped back to the house to collect one of my friends to join me for the final 5 miles. 8.54 average pace for the first 6 miles, overall pace 9.17. More photos to follow from this gorgeous run!


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  1. June 25, 2014 / 12:32 pm

    You are gonna blast that marathon! No idea you were off to Ireland! How is it?x

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