Berlin Sub 4 Marathon Training Plan: Week 10

Monday- Errrr…

Tuesday- Yasso 800s- 9 X 800m. I so, so wanted to quit during my final few but I pushed on and felt both proud and exhausted at the end. I mentioned before that my new medication is throwing me through a bit of a loop in terms of morning training, so this was done after work and I felt utterly drained at the end of this workout.

Wednesday- Diving lesson at the Aquatic Centre – one of the weirdest but most fun cross training sessions ever.

Thursday-I left my house in my kit with the best of intentions. I jogged to the park, completed my warm up… then walked to the coffee shop to buy a skinny latte (and some pastries to meet the minimum card spend). Not my finest moment.

Friday- A ladder workout that didn’t go quite to plan – I skipped the 1600m, but completed the rest of the workout (after giving myself a bit of a talking to) and slowing down from my usual speed work. I treated myself with a stint in the jacuzzi, some Mexican food and a film night.

Saturday- 10K obstacle course at the London River Rat race. Taking it easy so as not to ruin my long run, or injure myself. We spent a lot of time taking photos, and catching up over wedding chat. It was actually just what I needed to enjoy a run, and do it for fun rather than training- although we did joke that it would be good training if we decide to do Tough Mudder in October!

Sunday- 17.5 miles focusing hard on hitting 9min miles and pleasing my coach! I hit it bang on so was pretty pleased with myself. I listened to Dan Brown’s Inferno while running and it helped the time fly. With yet another 6am Sunday alarm, I think my body is just about ready to be done with marathon training for a while, however I love the feeling of having finished my long run by 10am!


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