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Berlin Sub 4 Marathon Plan: Week 8

Aug 6, 2014 | Running | 2 comments

Monday- Full, glorious rest day after the Three Peaks Challenge.

Tuesday-  More speed work, more Yasso 800s. This week it was 6 repetitions, with a 400m recovery jog between. I wore my brand new Adidas Boost’s and I love them.

Wednesday- Killer 30 Minute Arm Burner workout – honestly my arms were sore for days!

Thursday- 1 warm up mile, 8 miles @7.51 average pace. I was aiming for 8.25 min miles, but I felt so strong that I ran on feel rather than obsessing over my watch. The weather was gorgeous, the roads were empty and it felt awesome. This is one of those runs that you come back from and think ‘hell, yeah!’

Friday- 45min yoga class and Core workout.

Saturday- 8 miles walking through the Welsh countryside with my cousin, uncle and Tom.

Sunday- Another fun project with Adidas, this one involved running through different areas of London. We probably only ran about 2 miles in total, and most of it was at a pretty slow pace. So much fun though!

Next week’s goals are to nail the long run and work out what sort of pace I might be running in Berlin, plus making sure I get a lot more stretching in! I’ve worked out that two of my longest runs are going to be taking place in Portugal and in Barcelona, which if anything will at least be good hot weather running practise! 


  1. Jess

    Wow, I can’t believe how speedy you’re getting! Inspiring me to stick to my speed sessions 🙂

    • Charlie

      Thanks Jess, I know they’re hard but they do work!


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