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Beauty Pie Product Reviews (for non-beauty experts!)

May 10, 2020 | life updates, Lifestyle | 6 comments

Beauty Pie Review

If you’ve spoken to me on Zoom recently, I’ve raved about two things… my Peloton and Beauty Pie.

I was looking for some new beauty items as I came to the end of a bunch of my products, combined with terrible skin from wearing a mask at work for most of the day. Enter Beauty Pie…

I first heard about Beauty Pie after hearing the founder and CEO, Marcia Kilgore on Rachel Hollis’ podcast. This isn’t her first company, having developed both Soap & Glory and FitFlop into huge brands, and I was interested enough in the concept of her idea to find out more.

What is Beauty Pie? 

Beauty Pie is essentially a membership club for beauty products, but unlike subscription services like Birch Box, you get to choose what you buy. Another big difference, you pay what a product costs to make. Rather than the over inflated prices we see from most brands. Through Marcia’s relationship with beauty factories and labs that make big label goods, she’s been able to cut out the middle man, allowing the consumer to buy luxury products at cost price.

How does Beauty Pie Make their Money? 

Beauty Pie makes their money through monthly memberships. From £5 per month (with a £50 spending limit) up to £20 a month (with a £200 spending limit). Unused spending limits role over the next month, and you can upgrade/downgrade your monthly fees as you need. This link gets you your first month free. 

There’s a lot on the website so it can be tricky to know where to start, especially, if like me, you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. I’ll admit, I don’t know a lot about beauty. I tend to go into shops like Sephora or Space NK, find a sales assistant and say…’help!’. And whilst I’ve found some awesome products that way, I’ve also spent a lot of money and not all the products have been a success. I sent a DM on instagram to the Beauty Pie team to find out what they’d recommend for my skin (somehow super dry and a little oily at the same time)

Another important factor is that the products are all cruelty free and they’ve got the ‘Clean Beauty’ approval (meaning they’re safe, non-toxic and have clear labelling of all the ingredients within each product).

Beauty Pie Product Reviews

Beauty Pie Review

Sheer Tinted Oil Free SPF 20 

This is my favourite of the products I bought. I don’t like a heavy foundation. Rather, a bit of cover to even out my skin, add a little colour with a dewy finish. This delivers on all fronts, I’ve worn it at work without anything else and as a base for a more put together look. Plus, it’s important to me to have an SPF in my tinted moisturiser.

And it’s £6.71.

Seriously, you can’t beat that price, and would usually retail for £28.

I’ve been wearing the ‘LIGHT’ colour that I found by using the ‘Match my Makeup’ website and entering the colour and brand of my previous foundation/tinted moisturiser. You can put it on with a brush, sponge or your fingers!

Sheer Tinted Oil Free SPF 20 

Super Retinol Ceramide Boost Anti-Ageing Face Serum 

I’ve been using this twice per day for the last month and love how light but nourishing it feels. I have read a bit around Retinol, (mostly by Grace Attwood who I feel tells it like it is on her blog). Retinol is great for anti-ageing, it encourages cell turnover and collagen production. Whilst some retinols can be quite aggressive on the skin, this is formulated to be ultra-gentle. (I haven’t had any issues). And is designed to protect, brighten, hydrate and smooth fine lines.

Apparently a serum like this usually retails for £80!! But this version is £13.70. With 446 reviews and a 4.6 star rating on Beauty Pie, clearly I’m not the only fan.

Read more about Retinol here. I’m planning on ordering the Retinol hand cream to help with my dry, itchy hands from using so much hand sanitiser.

Japan Fusion Pure Transforming Cleanser 

This is one of the recommendations from the Beauty Pie social team and I love it. It works as a gel that you massage into your face to dissolve makeup, dirt and pollution and leave your face clean and oil free. I read a lot of reviews (there are 861 for this product with a 4.5 star rating) before adding this to my basket but have not been disappointed. Members pay £7.51 with a usual retail price of £25. It’s part of a three-step moisture system and part of a bigger Japanese skincare range from Beauty Pie.

Oxygen Face Mask 

This was quite a new product on the website, and maybe because I was having a bad skin week (seriously dried out from all the PPE) I added it to my first order as last minute decision. This mask smells amazing and although it’s more like a thick moisturiser than a typical mask. It’s a lovely weekly treat for your skin. Formulated by a Nobel-Institute epidemiologist to re-oxygenate the skin, and used in a leading Swiss spa, this is the original secret to the Oxygen facial (ok I didn’t know what this was) but was sold as great for tired, dull, or breakout-prone face which mine definitely was. This is probably my least favourite product of the bunch. But still lovely and luxurious feeling for only £15.32 (usually worth £50).

Beauty Pie Review

I’ve just put my order in for next month, and chose Qi Energy Ginseng Root & Ginger Brightening Eye Fix because my bags are so dark and puffy (hello anxiety insomnia!), Dr Glycolic Pore-Purifying Glow Toner (anything that helps with an extra glow!) and Plantastic Micropeeling Super Drops (recommended to me by the Beauty Pie social team to help with breakouts). I threw a Wondergloss Lip Oil because I’d read a number of good reviews. And thought it might make me look a little more polished for my evening Zoom quizzes. Only £5.64!

I thought it would be a good first step into Beauty Pie makeup, as I also have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to makeup but I figure at 31 I should probably try to make more of an effort. (Especially as without my fake eyelashes I need to do more to look polished!)

I’ll update this post with reviews of the products as I use them but let me know if you have any questions, or if you already use Beauty Pie, then share your favourites with me please! 



    These are intriguing! I love trying lesser known brands, they almost always suprise and delight!

    • charlotte

      I love a good recommendation for new products!

  2. Bethan

    I’m so curious about Beauty Pie, apparently their candles are really lovely too!

    • Emmy

      I’m a huge fan of the transparency of Beauty Pie, approx half my make up and skin care are now BP! The candles do smell incredible, and whilst the perfumes weren’t for me (I’m very fussy about perfume) people rave about the quality of them! I’d definitely give it ago!

  3. Kate

    Thanks for sharing these! Can we talk leave-in conditioners/dry shampoos for a minute? Do you use them and do you have any recommendations? I’m looking to speed up my morning routine. I’d love something that would cut down on my hair washing time after a morning workout, but would still leave me looking presentable and smell free for work.

    • charlotte

      Dry shampoo is my savour – haven’t tried any Beauty Pie ones yet but I use V05!


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