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Beat the Sun

Jun 16, 2016 | Lifestyle | 1 comment


We’re back in the UK now after an incredible week in Portugal – obviously getting engaged was a huge highlight! I feel so lucky to be heading off again on Sunday to Chamonix with Asics to watch and run part of the Beat the Sun challenge.

Beat the Sun is a multi terrain relay race around Mont Blanc between sunrise and sunset. Eight intercontinental teams with a mix of elites and amateur runners will battle it out. I’m obviously not on one of the teams but I am hoping that I’ll get to run part of the course, plus I will be major fan girling over Deena Kastor and Ryan Hall! Do you have any questions that I should ask them?
Also Chamonix = amazing! I haven’t been since I visited Sophie there last year, and I haven’t been there during the summer since I was eight years old.
I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pick up some trail running tips as I’d love to include more trail runs as part of my New York Marathon training – plus all the running we do as part of the Beach Boot Camps that Tom and I are loving is over trails and I find myself staring at the ground constantly  hoping not to trip and desperately trying to keep up. I’m going back to Portugal for 10 days on the 26th June – being able to work anywhere in the world as long as I have wifi does not suck.
As well as organising the Beat the Sun event, Asics really want to get more people making the most of the daylight hours on the longest day of the year – June 21st and turn it into a global day of running (although I do think there was another world running day a few weeks ago? – still I’ll take both!) They are hosting free 5 and 8k runs from the Oxford Street and Canary Wharf at 6/6.30pm. There’s also going to be treadmills going non-stop throughout the day in both stores  that you can go and clock up some miles to add to the running total (pun intended!) The world will be competing to run the most treadmill miles, with the winning country receiving a 10,000 euro donation for a local charity.
I’m going to be adding my Chamonix miles to the #BeattheSun total – and you can too by registering here or turning your local run club into your Global Running day!
I don’t know how many miles to pledge – considering the terrain is so tricky – I was asked if I wanted to run one of the 6km legs of the relay, although have been warned that it’s one of the most technical of the day – eek! Can I run/hike?

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  1. Angela Shepherd

    Good luck – I’m in Chamonix the following weekend for the Mont Blanc 10K!


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