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Feb 21, 2013 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

Welcome to readers that have been directed from Laura’s blog, thanks for stopping by!

Last night I attended one of the free Barrecore classes in-store at Sweaty Betty in Soho. There are a number of Barre workouts springing up, particularly in the US, but Barrecore is the first in the UK.

‘The barrecore workout uses the fastest and most effective methods of achieving unparalleled results. The classes are high-energy and low impact, utilising the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements and your bodyweight as resistance. We use high repetition to work the muscles to capacity for a full-body interval training program. Each strength section is followed by a stretching sequence to create a lean physique and sexy lines.’

I had been really interested in trying a Barre workout after seeing it on so many blogs, but found the cost in the UK is quite high, as it seems only one studio does it. When I saw that Sweaty Betty were offering free classes, I jumped at the chance.

The class was a small group of 6 of us, done in the back of the shop and led by a trained teacher and dancer. She had us doing really small movements, moving up a little, down a little, but they made my muscles burn!

We used the barre (wall) for a number of moves, and worked muscles that I obviously don’t use very often. My hips felt particularly worked! The great thing about the workout was we worked a muscle, then stretched it straight away.

I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the ‘ballet’ moves as there really weren’t too many of them, but the class, once again, highlighted my inflexibility.

We all had fun dressing up for photos after class…

I dressed up in some orange ski trousers and did a handstand for my photo- will try and find it when it goes on the Sweaty Betty facebook.

I wish that Sweaty Betty were continuing their Barrecore classes indefinitely, but they only have 2 weeks left. Ring up one of the stores to find out when their classes are or check online . They’re free for all members (and it’s free to become a member).

Have you ever tried a Barre class? What did you think? I am hoping that a more affordable studio opens up in London, as I would love to do some more classes!


  1. Lucy Edwards

    Hiya, I found your blog through Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish. I did Barrecore at Sweaty Betty Soho on Tuesday 19th as well, I don’t recognise you or the people in the photo though! I must admit that Barrecore isn’t really for me, I didn’t find it intense enough for me, glad I gave it a try though x

    • Charlie

      I went on the Weds night. I always think its good to try new classes to see what you do and don’t like! Have you tried any other classes in store?

  2. flakeandcake

    I really want to try these classes but sadly the SB near me (Bristol) doesn’t offer them :(. Looks great though!

  3. Charlie

    Have you tried any other classes or clubs with SB?


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