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Anti-Stink Running Gear…Does it Work?

Apr 1, 2018 | Kit, Running | 6 comments

Anti stink running gear

Have you ever smelt a bad odour in class, only to realise it’s you. Or rather, your workout gear? You haven’t been sweating yet, so how could you possible stink already?

Personally I found that a lot of my old Nike gear would reek. And it was embarrassing.

I don’t want to be the smelly one in class… Even when dripping with sweat, you shouldn’t smell if your deodorant is working. However, the kit that you’re wearing can make a big difference to your odour.

Apparently, it’s not us. It’s the bacteria on our body that feed on our sweat… which sounds pretty gross.

However, Lululemon are working with X-STATIC technology that utilises silver woven into the fabric to stop the bacteria reproducing by releasing positive ions that are attracted to the bacteria’s negative ions.Pearl Izumi, Athleta, Under Armour, Adidas and Patagonia have their own versions of the technology, but the long and short of it is that the technology stops the bacteria feeding and multiplying your clothing causing a smell.

Anti stink running gear

But does it work? 

Overall, I don’t think that the technology stops me or the garment smelling after a tough, sweaty workout. However, it does help the smell wash out. They don’t retain the smell as my old Nike stuff used to.

And it does smell less than other workout gear. I’ve worn anti-stink gear for a couple of my marathons and although I wouldn’t want to wear the top again without washing it, they didn’t hum.

Furthermore, my Lululemon anti-stink gear has lasted a long time. Years longer than my old workout gear, whether this is due to the silver technology, who knows. But I would say, if you have the cash, then investing in some good quality, anti-odor kit might be worth it (for your sake, and those you live and workout with!).

Anti Stink Kit

Garment technology experts suggest looking after your kit to help it last long stink free. Apparently we should be rinsing our workout kit in water as soon as we take it off then pressing the excess water off (erm, who has time to do that?). We should also be washing our kit within a week (guilty of not doing this every time). It’s also best to hang your kit out to dry when you get back from the gym or a run, rather than tossing it straight into the laundry basket. Then making sure it’s properly dry once you’ve washed it before returning it to your drawers.

But does this mean you don’t have to shower after your workout?  

No. You still need to wash off the bacteria to prevent people moving away from you at work/the bus.  Not to mention salt crust that will develop if you don’t wash the sweat off (trust me, after a marathon this is abundantly obvious). Oh and the possibility of a fungal infection…

If you can’t full on shower, then washing yourself with soap & water with a towel or the ‘baby wipe’ shower may have to do.

Anti Stink Kit

Since we’re talking about anti-stink, pretty much the only perfume I wear nowadays is Jo Malone. These little mini perfumes are perfect for gym bags, handbags and travelling. I’m more of a fan of the musky flavours than floral. Personal faves are Wood Sage & Sea Salt (my wedding day scent), Earl Grey and Cucumber, and Black Cedarwood and Juniper.

For the days when I don’t have time to have a full on shower (and even on the days I do) I liberally spray myself with a JM scent, plenty of deodorant and dry shampoo…and I’m good to go (ish).

This post isn’t sponsored by either Lululemon or Jo Malone, I just seriously love both brands and spend a lot of money at each store :)! 


  1. Amy Stone (@bcamysaysso)

    Cute article. I find that cheaper tech fabrics do get stinky. Lukulemon is certainly not cheap. I do let my clothes dry before they go in the hamper. I also don’t use fabric softener which helps a lot and no scent in my detergent. Then hang dry of course.

    • charlotte

      Totally agree with you about the cheaper gear smelling more and not lasting as long!

  2. Janet Rogers

    I use the anti bacterial rinse aids ( Dettol, Tesco or Sainsburys own brand) on a quick wash programme Without detergent and thatworkd fine.

  3. Bethan

    I’ve had the same issue with Nike, it’s part of the reason I just don’t buy it any more, and like you I find Lulu really holds up, so I reckon cost per wear is less over all! Got to love a little JM too, I got Pear and Freesia to wear when I was a bridesmaid for a dear friend, and it brings back such happy memories!

  4. Erin

    This made me laugh. Please get clean. I don’t want to smell you! Or anyone for that matter! Unless it’s a good smell then you’re ok. Some of my older (cheaper) clothes smell before I even start out and I keep forget to throw them out. But my Lululemon doesn’t have that same problem. I do give my gear a double rinse in the washer and I think that helps as well.

  5. Lindsay

    I have gotten to a point where I try to not let my wet workout get sit in the hamper at all. In the US we are fortunate to have awesome and quick washers and dryers. So as soon as I am done with the gym I will toss it in the washer with the other family members dirty clothes from the past day or so and run the cycle. So worth it and it SAVES my clothes. I also DON’T buy expensive workout gear because to me its NOT worth it.


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