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Last night, I was invited to Sandhurst Royal Military Academy to celebrate one of my friends ‘passing out’ into the Welsh Guards. I am so proud of Birrell for completing his officer training, which are said to be some of the hardest months of their lives. Anyone who saw the Sandhurst documentaries will have a bit of an insight into it.

Everyone looked very smart in their uniforms black ties and long dresses. Such fun to get all dressed up! I wore a long black dress with fun flowery details on the shoulders, with my hair up and a fur jacket- it was so cold last night and I was so glad to have it!!

We got ready in Birrell’s room before heading down for Champagne and food. Supper was very early, and tasted like school dinners. I think EJ and I made a good choice with Lasagne. We then headed into the marquee for more Champagne, gin and tonics and dancing.

All of the drinks were in plastic cups- very glassy. Yes there are two cups in my hand, one is EJ’s I promise. There were also a couple of rides outside, such fun despite the rain and cold. I think EJ, Izzy and I went on more times than the boys. The dodgems were a lot of fun, as was a ride called Wipeout- no photos of that one as dropping my camera was a real possibility!

At midnight we all headed outside for fireworks to celebrate the boys commissioning and becoming officers!! This was followed by more drinking and dancing. My feet were agony after hours in heels, unfortunately EJ managed to step on glass after ditching her heels. I think we headed to bed about 3.30am, to share a single bed with a plastic sheet on, cosy! We had a rude awakening woken up with fog horns and shouts this morning at 7.30am, apparently the officers had to parade this morning. Rather them than me! We stopped off at Tesco for a breakfast, not appealing at all but probably helped the stomachs. Such a fun night!


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