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Afternoon Brunch at Soho Hotel

Oct 2, 2014 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Breakfast spreadDSC_0391 DSC_0394

How would you celebrate your friend smashing her marathon PB and running a sub 3.45? We treated ourselves to the High Breakfast at the Soho Hotel. This included tea, juice, toast and a very impressive spread;

Spinach and Goat’s Cheese Croissant

Mini Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale

Streaky Bacon Finger Sandwiches

Brown Toast Fingers with Smoked Salmon

Pain au Chocolat with Banana and Maple Syrup

Mini Muffin

Mini Seasonal Fruit Bowl

Mini Crunch Bar

Granola Pot

Bacon sandwiches at Soho Hotel

Granola pots and bana on pain au chocolat

Mini muffins and oat bar soho hotel

You probably don’t need proof that we demolished everything… but we did.

finished tea tray Soho Hotel

Some of the best bites were the mini eggs benedict and Royale using poached quail eggs and a rich, smooth hollandaise sauce that tasted of pure luxury. I also loved the banana with maple syrup sat atop a pain au chocolat (again, would have been better warm) and the thick and creamy yogurt with compote and granola. I wonder if the full breakfast spread at the Soho Hotel is similar, if so, sign me up for the full works.

For £20, the spread is pretty good value, although we all mentioned that we would have loved if some of the morsels were a little warmer. I think the High Breakfast is available all day and would make a brilliant brunch option for those after something a little different.

Lissy and Steph

Soho Hotel

Bear Chairs at Soho Hotel

Congratulations Steph

The lovely staff brought out a plate of chocolate crispies, macarons and berries to congratulate Steph on her amazing marathon achievement. I think they thought we were all crazy on finding out that we’ve all run marathons. I love that it is so normal to our group of running friends, but it’s soo huge to most other people. As well as celebrating steph’s awesome time, the girls gave me the cutest good luck card for the Berlin marathon on Sunday. It brought me to tears- I am so lucky to have such a brilliant group of running friends that understand the ups and downs, the good and bad and the madness that is the marathon. What a lovely non-lycra afternoon with Steph, Charlie and Lissy.

group shot Soho Hotel

Soho Hotel 

4 Richmond Mews




  1. Mary

    I’m a massive fan of afternoon tea…but afternoon brunch?…Looks amazing! Especially the Mini Eggs Benedict.

  2. NutsforNutrition

    that is one fancy breakfast! I’m definitely going to have to go check them out 🙂


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