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Adjusting a Workout to Suit You

Mar 4, 2015 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

Project Awesome _267304578160515661_n

Project Awesome

Project Awesome

I love Project Awesome but sometimes The Scoop doesn’t love me. The steps are high, and after the first few sessions my calf and achilles weren’t so happy. I didn’t want to stop going to Project Awesome, but I adjusted the workout to suit me. I take the stairs at a power walk then run the scoop and bridge loops at full pelt.

It’s important to make the workout work for you. There should always be ways to adjust the exercises and intensity levels either up or down to suit your needs.

Project Awesome

Here are some tips:

When you go to a workout class, get there a little early and speak to the teacher. Tell them whether you need to lower the level, ramp it up or if you have any particular injuries. A good teacher will make sure you get what you need from the class if you let them know!

Take breaks when you need- stop and have something to drink (water, V Water, or electrolyte drinks are great), stretch or whatever you need to do.

Project Awesome

Go hard on the things you can do to ensure your workout is worth it. I love workouts like Project Fit, Barry’s and Reshape at 1Rebel that involve treadmills and weights. If you can’t run, then power walk during the run parts then work extra hard on the weights bit.

Don’t skip the things that are hard because they’re hard- work at it. If you can’t do 10 full press ups, try to do at least 2 full ones before moving to your knees.

Take a look at Nicole’s great post on how to modify exercises for beginners–  remember the ones that apply to you, and use them in your next class or at the gym.


Photo from Pumps and Iron.

Speak to an expert- got a back injury? Knee problem? Ask a doctor or physio what you need to work on, and avoid to not injure yourself further.

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  1. scallywag

    Absolutely true! All good teachers can adjust. I have recently needed a lit of adjustment due to a dodgy carpal tunnel wrist injury!

  2. Besma Lucy (@besmalucy)

    Hi Charlie,

    Great post – I totally agree with speaking to the teacher before hand and always finding what feels good rather than doing yourself an injury!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  3. Nicole

    agreed. i do this all the time since i hurt my ankle. sometimes i actually prefer if the teacher’s just let me be when i modify (instead of trying to correct my self corrections)


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