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Adidas Ultra Boost Laceless Trainer Review

Jan 4, 2018 | Kit, Running | 4 comments

Adidas Laceless ultra boost review

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know I love and loathe versions of Adidas Ultraboost in almost equal measure.

I LOVE the Adidas Ultraboost and have run 6 marathons in them, including Boston and London last year, but I do not get on well with the Ultraboost X (the girls version with a ‘floating arch’).  So without the missing arch, and all the UltraBoost technology, I was excited to try the laceless version.

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Adidas Laceless ultra boost review

The recently released laceless version of their UltraBoost have been created thanks to updates in their primeknit technology, atop their classic UltraBoost sole. They have been designed apparently to simplify and refine the main elements of the footwear’s silhouette, with the idea for the wearer to feel ‘unstrained, unlaced and free to create‘ according to Adidas.

Lets start by talking about the colour… I love it. I’ve been wearing a pair of light pink shoes non-stop recently, and so love adding another pair to my collection. Granted, they’re more of a summer shoe, but I love the pink hue of the women’s version.

When I first wore the shoes, I worried that they were too tight however they soon loosened and now fit comfortably.

The fit has been designed using motion tracking technology to offer support and functionality without the need for laces, streamlining the upper for fashion and fit.

Adidas Ultraboost Laceless shoe review

As someone with wide feet, I feel like the somewhat ‘spill’ over the edges of the sole which isn’t particularly attractive, however isn’t uncomfortable. However, without the laces to keep my foot in place, I did find that I was sliding around, both in the shoe and off the shoe. It didn’t feel particularly stable, especially running outside over uneven surfaces.

I’ve always worn my trainers with socks, however these do not go with socks in my opinion, so I’ve been wearing them with barefeet. I was surprised how breathable they were, and didn’t get too sweaty, even after walking around London all day then a treadmill workout.

What I like this shoe for;

  • Athleisure… I often wear these with kit when I’ve got a sports massage that day, or
  • Walking around the city
  • Treadmill easy runs

What I wouldn’t use them for;

  • Speed workouts – I just don’t feel there is enough support in the upper, not are they tight enough so my feet come out of them as I run.
  • Running outdoors – mostly because I don’t want them to get dirty, but also because I don’t think there’s enough ‘hold’ in the upper to stop my ankle rolling on uneven terrain and especially around corners.
  • Long runs
  • Trail runs
  • Hiit workouts or anything that involves lateral movement

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a fashion/athleisure shoe, I think these are great. However, if you want to hit the road for some serious miles this year, these probably aren’t the best for you.

I’ve also been testing out the UltraBoost X Terrain… review coming tomorrow… 🙂


  1. MrsB

    They look good but I have very high arches and none of the Boosts fit/suit me and if a shoe is laceless, there’s no way in hell my foot will even go in!

    • Chiswickmum

      I also have high arches. What shoes have you found support your foot when active, if you don’t mind me asking?

  2. Rebecca

    They are pretty but definitely look like more of a fashion shoe

  3. PT Mollie

    I also love the color, but the first thing I thought when I saw ‘shoelaceless’ is how does the foot stay in place? Looking forward to the next review!


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