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Adidas Parley Ultra Boost Review

Jul 19, 2017 | Kit, Running | 9 comments

Adidas Ultra Boost Parley trainer review

I have a love/hate relationship with Adidas trainers.

I LOVE (like have run 6 marathons) in the Ultra Boost and currently have 5 pairs on rotation – the older pairs get given to friends and recycled. However, I haven’t got on too well with their Pure Boost X or Ultra Boost X – these are the trainers they’ve developed specifically for women (click on the links to read my reviews).

I was recently sent the Parley Ultra Boost, and couldn’t wait to test them. I love the concept behind the trainers, utilising marine plastic pollution and recycled material to create the shoes. Each pair’s upper is made from 95% waste plastic dredged from the oceans around the Maldives – recycling 11 plastic bottles, plus the rest of the shoe including lining, laces and the heel is made from recycled material.

The Adidas collection was made in partnership with Parley for the Oceans, to address the millions of pounds of plastic currently polluting our waters (records suggest that there’s currently 40 million pounds in the North West Pacific alone). There have been five huge vortexes of debris formed, these slow moving whirlpools affecting marine life worldwide, not to mention the rubbish that washes ashore.

Parley are promoting for us to Avoid using plastic bags and products with micro beads, reducing the influx of virgin plastic into the supply chain, Intercept plastic marine debris before it gets into our oceans, and to Redesign our views on eco/recycled material, inventing new methods and mindsets for the future.

The quick review is that these trainers fell somewhere in the middle…

Lets start with the part I love;

  • As mentioned above, I really appreciate that they’re made out of recycled plastic, and that Adidas are helping to bring attention to the plastic problem in our oceans.
  • I’m a massive fan of the Boost technology sole. I think it’s really responsive, very bouncy and perfect for road running, esp for neutral runners.
  • They’re really lightweight, perfect for travelling and for running fast!
  • All Adidas Boost use Continental Rubber on the soles (the same as the tyres), to increase grip and stability on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • They look gorgeous…. come on, gone are the days where all we cared about was function from our running shoes!

Adidas Ultra Boost Parley trainer review

I don’t love;

  • How tight the upper is across my foot. I never know whether to wear socks with these style of knit shoes, but as someone with quite wide feet, I find the shoes very tight and a little uncomfortable for runs over 30 mins. I go up a full size in Adidas shoes, so wear a 6.5 in these and they’re still a little snug.
  • The back comes up quite high – above ankle socks – and rubbed my ankles to the point of bleeding (major sad face). I found this a major problem with the Pure Boost X – perhaps it’s more to do with my foot shape and running style than the design? Apparently it’s been designed to keep the heel in place and reduce wobble and lifting out of the shoe while you run.

Have you ever tried Adidas Boost? Love them? Hate them?

Photos by Anna Jackson Photography – she actually ran with her DSLR – genuinely captured on our run!! 

Photos taken at Neilson Baia dei Mori, Sardinia


  1. Sian

    They are nice trainers but I find them quite narrow ?

    • charlotte

      Me too! I do have quite wide feet though!

  2. Hayley | Break The Loop

    I’m the same in that I flippin’ love the Ultra Boost and the Ultra Boost X but not so much the Pure Boost X, though I’m a neutral runner they just felt way too unsupportive for me… Haven’t tried the Parleys yet… They look awesome though and I LOVE what they’re about!

    • charlotte

      Totally agree Hayley – I just couldnt wear the ‘X’ shoes for anything more than 3 miles, and even that is a push. Love what these shoes stand for however I think I might have to break them in a little more!

  3. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

    I have never run in Adidas. They do look pretty though. Agree on the high “sock” style – I have a pair with that style which don’t seem to agree with my ankles.

    • charlotte

      My ankles must be extra sensitive, it’s the place I always get blisters!

  4. Amy

    I love how you’re always so honest in your reviews. Thank you x

    • charlotte

      Always 😉 x

  5. Emma Allen

    I’ve been considering getting some of these for my longer runs as I’m rotating a few pairs and haven’t invested in any Adidas running shoes yet! I also have wide feet so I’m thinking these are probably a bad idea for me! Have you tried Salomon trainers yet? They are quite pricey but they feel amazing.

    Also love your honesty!!
    Emma xx


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