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Adidas Boost Run About Town

Mar 8, 2014 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

There are more photos than words for this post. Some photos words can’t really describe-like this one…

I was invited to join a group of journos and bloggers for a secret Adidas event, with some cryptic clues sent out via twitter and email, telling us where to be and that there would be kit waiting for us. I was excited to be part of Team Ladbroke Grove, but had no idea what that meant. As we were getting dressed we realised that each team had matching outfits.

Team Ladbroke Grove included Zoe, Pip (who owns FRAME studios) and Ben (who works on Runner’s World), plus our awesome guide Alex. We were all more than onboard to take silly photos along the way.

A car took us out to Ladbroke Grove for the start of the ‘race’. First stop, Portobello Road Market.

Second on the list was the Notting Hill Garage…

At each stop we were given a gold envelope with the instructions for the next part of the course. From the Notting Hill Garage, we ran up to Marlybone and completed a 50m sprint. Sadly Ben had to rush to get a train, so the three girls forged onwards. Pip is pregnant but kept up with us no problem!

Quick pit stop at Oxford Circus for some press ups!

We ended up coming last in the race, but we discovered that we’d stopped for far more photo opportunities. It was such a brilliant evening, and I was thrilled with my new bright pink Boosts. I think they may become my Paris Marathon shoes!

Thanks Adidas for an awesome night, and a fun 4 mile run around London. 


  1. Elliot

    I really want to get some Boost’s because you’re always raving about them but I’m worried about there not being enough stability – I overpronate so so much! Will go check them out at Sweatshop when I get paid maybe! Looks like you had great fun 🙂


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