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A Monster Run

Apr 12, 2014 | Kit, Running | 5 comments

I’m not great at looking after my headphones- they usually end up a tangled mess in my handbag, accidentally dropped into a cup of tea on my desk, or sweated in to at the gym (so much so that I’ve received electric shocks from iPhone headphones after too much sweating!) Needless to say, I usually pick up the cheapest pair when I go through an airport to keep a stockpile of poor quality but ‘do the job’ headphones.

When I was invited by Monster to test out some of their high-tech headphones I did wonder whether to admit to the knotted pink mess that my current headphones were in, but I worried they might not trust me with their fancy ones.

The plan was to run a fun 5K loop, taking in a few iconic sights around London complete with a couple of photo stops too. I was trying out the isport freedom wireless headphones that connect via bluetooth to your phone- you can even take calls on them. Plus you can control volume, skip songs and pause all on the headphones themselves.

The sound quality was incredible, I had to turn the volume right down compared to my usual settings. It felt really antisocial running in a group when we were all tuned in to our own music! The headphones are really noise cancelling, ideal for blocking out the sounds you don’t want to hear, however not ideal when running along busy roads. If you’re using these outside, please be careful and keep your music volume low. I’ll be saving mine in the gym and when running along the towpath!

These headphones aren’t cheap, retailing at £229.95, but when I add up the number of £15 sets I’ve used and destroyed, it probably comes close to the same figure. They’re also sweat resistant!!! You can even wash them after use, perfect after a hardcore session, or if you’re really sweaty (like me on a treadmill!) Additionally impressive is that the bluetooth works up to 20m away, so no need to balance your phone precariously on your exercise machine. The number of times I’ve got caught in my headphones and pulled my phone off the treadmill only for it to come crashing down, hit the band and go flying off the back is embarrassing!

I was surprised by how comfortable, well fitted and light the freedom wireless headphones were. I’ve always looked at people wearing big ‘trendy’ headphones and thought they must be so annoying to wear, but now I know. They also fold up into a handy pouch, ideal for a gym bag or handbag without fear of getting tangled.

I shareTom’s Spotify account, partly because he has great music taste and I like his playlists and partly because I’m too lazy/cheap to make my own. Anyway, the only time I’m allowed priority for the music is when I’m running. Sadly I forgot to mention that I was running on this occasion, and so about two thirds of the way through our 5K, my music suddenly cut out, with a message flashing up saying that Tom’s phone was now listening. Bit of a bummer whilst testing out headphones, especially when it meant that I had to switch to my pretty rubbish music on my phone- One Direction anyone?!

The lovely Becs was giving a different set of Monster headphones a go – I think they were the Strive Blue Universals. 

When I got home I was still wearing my isport freedom wireless, Tom said I wasn’t cool enough to wear them and should probably give them to him instead. No chance! I’m definitely a headphone convert and can’t wait to wear them on all my treadmill runs in the future. 


  1. Mary Moore

    I saw these the other day but also assumed that they would be a pain to wear. Interesting to read that they’re actually pretty comfy!

  2. mia79gbr

    I’m seconding Mary’s comment! I’ve seen headphones like these but assumed they were fashion over function! Interesting to find out they’re pretty much designed for gym and running!

  3. matt

    Hi were these a good tight fit our did they bounce around?

    • Charlie

      I really liked them and found that they didn’t bounce around too much even on my small head.

  4. Anonymous

    Can you listen to your Spotify tracks through these headphones?! 🙂


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