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A Hill Treadmill Workout and a Goodbye

Feb 7, 2013 | Running | 0 comments

I received an email yesterday from a friend that is also doing the Eastbourne half marathon saying
‘I thought the course was flat. It is NOT.’

Whoops, I hadn’t even checked the course elevation. Actually, I have never checked a course elevation, maybe this is something that I should start doing!

So after seeing that it looks like there is a rather large hill near the start of the course, I decided to swtich up this week’s speed workout for a hill workout. Hills are something I haven’t really done before, apart from palying with the incline a little in previous treadmill sessions.

I completed the following workout on the treadmill and felt quite challenged running at a 5% and 6% incline whilst maintaing my 6mph speed! Perfect for 30mins of sweating.

Mins Speed mph Incline
0-5min 6 1
5-7min 6 2
7-9min 6 3
9-11min 6 4
11-13min 6 5
13-15min 6 6
15-19min 6 5
19-21min 6 4
21-23min 6 3
23-25min 6 2
25-30min 6 1

Today was the last day that my Virgin Active Oxford Street gym was open. I have only been going there for about 8 months but I loved it. The classes were at perfect times and were never full, there was loads of choice and plenty of equipment. I will be so sad not to work out there anymore.

They gym was really quiet today with only 3 or 4 other people there. They had taken everything off the walls including the TVs! They were even unplugging most of the machines, I was glad to fit in one last workout there and say goodbye to the gym and staff.

I am sticking with Virgin Active in other loactions and I’m going to try out Easygym when they take over the spcae. Hopefully I’ll find something that works for me as well as this gym did! Is your gym close to your home or work?


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