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A Friday Night During Marathon Training

Aug 16, 2014 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

I’ve started taking some quite heavy medication, that although seems like it’s doing it’s job, is having some effects that I didn’t consider. One such side effect is that I’m not feeling at my best in the early mornings, and have been feeling nauseated with stomach cramps when I wake up. Obviously the last thing I want to do is run. I’ve swapped a few of my workouts this week to the evenings when I’m feeling a little better, however some have been scrapped altogether. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this is just my body getting used to the drug, as I was warned by the doctor that I could feel a little sick and dizzy for the first two-three weeks.

I wanted to complete the following speed workout, but my body just wasn’t feeling it. Instead I cut out the mile in the middle and cut my speed a little from normal.

Tom is a member of a lovely gym near to our house, so I decided to use one of his guest passes to go with him to use the pool, steam room and jacuzzi as a post workout treat. My legs are definitely thanking me this morning. Why are gyms so expensive, I wish I could be a member of two!!

Work has been pretty hectic this week, so a casual Friday night dinner and a film date night was the perfect way to finish off the week. I’d been sent some vouchers for a Tortilla by the lovely people that work there after they’d seen me raving about how much I love Mexican food on the blog, so this was the perfect time to redeem them. Post run hunger was insatiable, as always!

They’ve got three options; a burrito, a naked bowl and a taco. Tom opted for a burrito- basically a flour wrap filled with rice, peppers, chicken, sour cream, salsa and lettuce. I chose a naked bowl with coriander rice, peppers, lettuce, salsa, pulled pork and guacamole. I would have quite liked my salad to be tossed together but it was delicious anyway.

By the way, you have to pay extra for guacamole 🙁 .

Tom and I shared a side of tortillas, and more guacamole.

Whilst Tortilla is essentially a fast food chain, the food was really, really good. Plus they serve beers and margheritas- Perfect if you’re in a group who wants food fast, or something that’s reasonably priced. I can definitely see myself coming back here after a workout class or evening run, as the Hammersmith location is on perfectly located on my way home and open until 11pm.

Random fact- did you know there are more Burrito joints in London than there are in Mexico City?

We finished off our night watching The Inbetweeners 2 movie- it is very crude but hilarious. I literally couldn’t laugh loud enough in some places, although Tom assured me that the whole cinema could hear how much I was enjoying myself!

I was given two complementary vouchers for Tortilla, all opinions and photos are my own. 


  1. Ash bear

    How does it compare to Chipolte?

  2. Stephanie The Magpie

    I love, love, love mexican food. I’m always sad there aren’t more sit down table service tex-mex restaurants but these new burrito joints popping up everywhere are great for a pre cinema/theatre munch!


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