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A BQ Training Update… March 2021

Mar 14, 2021 | Running, Running Advice | 1 comment

The Runner Beans Chasing a BQ marathon training update

After taking a number of weeks of running VERY easy due to my IVF treatment, I feel a little like I’m back where I started at the beginning of January, albeit with slightly higher weekly mileage. Some days, I find it really hard to stay positive when my easy runs are 10+ min mile pace, with walking breaks, to keep them actually easy and with my heart rate low enough.

I started a new job at a different hospital three weeks ago. I feel like the first month at a new job is usually just about finding your feet and creating a new routine. Fed up of driving 2+ hours each day, I’ve swapped the drive commute for a train and walk/run on three or four days per week which has been far more enjoyable (even though I got a little wet this week!).

A BQ Training Update… March 2021

This week’s training didn’t go exactly to plan. I had to stay pretty late at work on Tuesday with a complex urgent patient, and was exhausted when I got home. I also know I didn’t go to bed early enough this week either which is something to focus on for next week. Knowing I was signed up to be part of a team to take on UltraX Dawn2Dusk 50K challenge, I was already swapping a weekday run for Saturday (usually my spin only day) but then I ended up doing two of this week’s runs on Saturday (one running to the supermarket for milk and back!), plus a dog walk to complete 10 miles for the day.

I love Ash’s idea of letting go of perfect and focusing on a total mileage for the week, no matter how you get it in. So this week’s training plan had 12 miles, and I ran 13! Calling it a win even if all the runs were within a 3 day period.

The Runner Beans Chasing a BQ marathon training update

My Weekly Workouts 7th-14th March 2021


Rest Day.

Walking to/from work which is around 5ish miles roundtrip.


25000 steps at work, and calling it good enough.

I had to take some blog pics before work for a project, which meant a 4.45 alarm, and after staying late at work with a complex patient, I didn’t get home until close to 8pm and was shattered. Dinner, 30 mins of trashy TV and I was ready for bed!


Strength Workout before work, you can see the full workout here. I went through each set 3 times – but you could scale up or down. I used a 12 and 16kg kettlebell, and 8kg dumbell for the workout but you can use medium/heavy weights to suit you!

➡️ 10 x Goblet Squat to shrug
➡️ 10 x Figure of 8
➡️ 10 x Single Leg Squat each side
➡️ 10 x Squat Jumps

➡️ 10 x Inclosed Bicep Curls
➡️ 10 x Tricep Dips
➡️ 10 x Snatches each side
➡️ 10 x Row each side

➡️ 10 x Russian Twist each side
➡️ 10 x Weighted Push V-Up
➡️ 10 x Full Body Crunch
➡️ 10 x Bicycle Crunches each side

After work I hopped on the Peloton with my friend Amanda for a 30 min pop ride.

The Runner Beans Chasing a BQ marathon training


Unintentional rest day…


Made the most of a day off from the hospital with a 3 mile run with Liz followed by a Strength Training session via Zoom with my PT. Liz also showed me a new route near the river which had a little uphill on the way out (tough). But a nice little downhill all the way back. Then straight to a local coffee shop for a takeaway Flat White.


I was taking part in UltraX team 50K challenge. And with the other girls running 12 miles each, I knew I had to hit around 6 to meet our 50K target. So I split up my miles up into a morning 3 miler. And an afternoon run/walk to the supermarket and back (holding bin bags and milk!). I also tracked our dog walk for the day to top up my mileage. Bringing it out to 10 miles total to add to the team target.


4 miles run/walk with Emma along the Thames, plus a dog walk! Wondering whether I should start tracking those every weekend as we tend to be out for about an hour, and where we live is definitely not flat!

Total Weekly Mileage: 13 miles

So not ideal to have all of my mileage spread over 3 days this week, but with only easy miles (no workouts) on my plan still, I figured that something was better than nothing.

How was your week of training? 

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