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a 5K training session

Nov 6, 2012 | Race Recaps, Running | 0 comments

This morning started with an early 5K training session on the treadmill before work. I find running on the treadmill pretty boring so like to mix up running and walking at different speeds to make the time seem like it goes faster.

I am running a 5K for Movember on Sunday so have been getting some practise in as I haven’t run properly for a long time. With this in mind, my goal for Sunday is just to complete the run in under 30mins. My long term goal for this year is to become a faster runner. I ran consistently at 10 minute miles last year and I really want to get a bit speedier! To try to do this I am going to sign up for some 5 and 10K’s to see if I can get faster over shorter distances.  
To run the 5K in under 30mins I need to aim for about 9-9.30 min miles. To get a feel for how fast this is I ran 2mins at 10.4 on the treadmill, which works out about 6.5 miles an hour, then walked a minute
at 7kph and repeated this for 30mins. 

Time Speed kph
0-1min 7
1-3min 10.4
3-4min 7
4-6min 10.4
6-7min 7
7-9min 10.4
9-10min 7
10-12min 10.4
12-13min 7
13-15min 10.4
15-16min 7
16-18min 10.4
18-19min 7
19-21min 10.4
21-22min 7
22-24min 10.4
24-25min 7
25-27min 10.4
27-28min 7
28-30min 10.4
30-35min 7
After work I hit the gym again (making up for a very exercise free weekend, whoops). I took a Spinning class then completed my first day of my 200 sit up challenge. 
Set 1- 9 sit ups
Set 2- 9 sit ups
Set 3- 6 sit ups
Set 4-6 sit ups
Each set was done with up to a minute break in between. The first 3 sets weren’t too bad, but I could really feel it on the final set. 


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