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9 Weeks to Bikini Time

Apr 2, 2013 | Uncategorized | 14 comments

How are the weeks going by so fast! I have just over 2 months to get into shape, and I feel like this week I have gone backwards, with  Easter eggs, a roast dinner, an afternoon tea party and a fair few glasses of Prosecco.

It’s high time I started following a training plan to get me into PR shape for my 10Ks in May ( I have accidentally signed up for 3 10ks in a two week period!), and for the London-Brighton bike ride. Tomorrow I’ll post my training plan for the next couple of weeks, although I am technologically challenged so it will probably not be an ‘easy to download’ number like you see on other blogs. I’ll work on it!

So here are the stats:

Starting Weight (25/03/13): 66.7kg
Today’s Weight (02/04/13): 65.4kg

So that’s a 1.3kg weight loss, and obviously I am really pleased with any sort of weight loss. But I don’t think I deserve that much in a week, especially not this week, so I think it might be water retention. Something I have been working hard on this week is drinking enough water, and cutting way back on processed foods, and that is obviously working!

I’ve been choosing healthy options for lunch, including large salads from my favourite restaurant, Pure. These are so big that I usually save half for lunch the following day, and top it up with a few handfuls of spinach.

I am making sure that I am snacking on fruit, especially in the afternoons, and although I do still indulge in a little bit of chocolate with a cup of tea at 4.30, I am fine with it. All eaten at my desk πŸ™

Things that that I think are working towards my weight loss goal, is upping the amount of water I’m drinking by keeping a bottle on my desk, and attending lunchtime classes at the gym. Fitting more exercise into my schedule is helping me burn calories as well as make healthy choices after the gym! Plus the water keeps me feeling full and hydrated, my skin is already looking better too- bonus!

Goals for next week include sticking to my training plan, and making good choices when I’m out with friends. It is all too easy to say yes to another glass of wine, or to sharing plate of chips when everyone else is. I need to keep focused, and not be afraid to be laughed at, I know that I will feel strong, confident and self assured in 9 weeks time if I stick to it.

What are your goals this week? They could be exercise, diet, work based? What do you struggle with the most when trying to maintain a healthy life balance?


  1. Lisa

    Goals this week are no dairy, no bread, more classes at the gym and start couch to 5K!

    My biggest struggle is moderation – I’m all or nothing – either I’m super good and on it 100% with no treats or I tend to have a blow out weekend and eat and drink what I want. Need to learn a bit of balance I think as neither of those options are ideal!

    • Charlie

      I agree with you about my weekends, it feels much easier to make healthy choices during the week, then ruin your hard work come friday night!

  2. Melissa

    My goals this week are also to drink more water and to moderate treats! The hardest part for me is when my friends order something absolutely delicious and get weirded out when I eat as much of it as they do!

    • Charlie

      Totally agree- especially with fries or a dessert!

  3. Beki

    My goals this week are lots of stretching, foam rolling and to stop pushing myself so hard! I’m struggling with a few niggles, and really don’t want to put myself out of the game! It’s tough being sensible though, lol πŸ™‚

    • Charlie

      Foam rolling is like heaven and hell! Keep at it, it will be worth it!

  4. themovingmuncher

    It sounds like you’re making really good choices day-to-day, I think most of us find the holidays hard but as long as we get back on the healthy wagon I get the feeling that it will work out πŸ™‚

    My goal for this week is focussing on healthy snacking. I am all for snacking but still seem to lack to self-restraint to make the ‘right’ snack choices so this should be a good one to hopefully tackle.

    PS that Easter chocolate cake from your last post looks absolutely deadly. In the best kind-of-deadly way πŸ˜‰

    • Charlie

      Thanks, the cake was very deadly, especially the chocolate fingers around the outside. I am certainly a snacker so healthy snacking is key, make sure to keep some healthy snacks in your handbag, desk, cupboard or wherever they will be on hand so that you don’t succumb to a less healthy choice!

  5. Milady


    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


  6. KW

    My goals this week are to run again (I took way too much time off these last two weeks), go to yoga twice this week, and have fun at my first ever yoga retreat.

    BTW, that cake looks amazing. I have to try that some time. WOW! And how fun that y’all did an Easter Hunt for adults.

    • Charlie

      adult easter egg hunts are the best, especially when there are no kids to take the eggs!

  7. runnlaugh

    My goal is to have a good distance run this week. I have been doing shorter runs because I’ve been running short on time. Eating lunch at your desk is no fun (I know all too well).

    • Charlie

      often I find that a short, interval session is even more tiring than a long run!

  8. Laura

    Sounds like good goals, I drink so much green tea but need to drink more plain water, should be a bit easier now the weather is improving!


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