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7 Weeks Until Bikini Time

Apr 18, 2013 | Running | 3 comments

7 weeks to go until I am bathing in sunshine by a pool in Portugal and I cannot wait!

I’ve got a lot on in the next 7 weeks, but I am making exercise a priority and have made a real effort to clean up my diet this week. Last week I focused on portion sizes and cutting out/down on ‘sweet treats’, and it’s paying off.

As I mentioned last week, I’m using my daily green smoothie to replace my tea and chocolate at 4.30 and have noticed a difference in my afternoon energy levels! I’ve been snacking on fruit and rice crackers, and dried apples (new favourite thing).

As for portion sizes, I’ve been cutting down on the sizes in general, as well as changing the balance on my plate. I now aim for 50% vegetables, 30% protein and 20% carbs. Obviously there is sometimes some overlap between them all, with beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and other carby veg, but as a principle, it’s working for me!

My goals for next week are to keep mindful when eating out, and to be more prepared to be healthy throughout the day. I spent a fair amount of money this week on buying salads for lunch and fruit for snacking. This is great, but is costing me too much. This week’s goal is to stock up on lunch and snack items at the supermarket, and bring a packed lunch and healthy snacks with me to work and for post-workouts.

Starting Weight:Starting Weight (25/03/13): 66.7kg
Last Week’s Weight (10/04/13): 65.4kg
Current Weight (16/04/13): 64.9kg

I’ve lost half a kilo! It might not be much but I felt like my lifestyle overhaul was really working this week, and it’s the first time that I can see and feel a difference within myself. So happy!

2.26 Silent Miles for Boston

This morning I headed to the river to run 2.62 miles, dedicated to the city of Boston, the victims of Monday’s tragedy and their families.

No music.

No watch.

Just me and the river.

Have you ‘run for Boston’ or worn an old race shirt to show support? I’d love to hear about it! I love how much this event has made the running community, all over the world, come together. It’s sad that it takes such tragic events to show how much humanity there is left!


  1. Andrea Hershner

    Looks like you are really sticking with your healthy habits! I have increased my exercise as well (bought an 8 week program for $6 from and I LOVE it!) I still need to work on my eating :). I plan to run today, so horrible what happened in Boston but it looks like they are on the right track to finding who did it.

    • Charlie

      For me, changing my diet is the hardest bit! But I can feel a change in energy as well as my waist!

  2. Jo W.

    I am going on Unity Run this morning to show my support. There’s going to be a ceremony, and then a 3 mile run around the park.


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