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6 Easy Post Run Hairstyles

May 25, 2017 | life updates, Lifestyle, Running | 7 comments

Post run/gym hairstyles with wet hair or greasy hair

I know I’m not the only one who prioritises that extra mile, stretch or coffee post run rather than spending that 10min getting ready. Luckily, going to uni it’s OK if I go straight from my workout to the lecture (I have nice friends who never judge me and still let me sit next to them), or looking like a bit of a slob. However, I know not everyone is able to do that, and I certainly can’t when I’m on my hospital placement next year.

So when Kérastase got in touch about their new Aura Botanica range I thought this could be a fun collaboration. As my hair skills currently only include four styles, I asked my amazing hairdresser Tim to teach me some styles that work on wet hair, greasy hair and quickly dried hair and make you look glam within 5 min.

Post run/gym hairstyles for wet hair or greasy hair

I haven’t done a lot of beauty/hair stuff in the past, however with the wedding coming up in September and the fact that I’m nearly a year closer to 30, I’m trying to take better care of my skin and hair. I’m paying more attention to what I’m using on my body as well as what I’m eating and drinking – and not going to lie, so many of my friends always look so polished and put together that I’m jealous, so putting a little more effort into my appearance outside of lycra!

The Kérastase Aura Botanica range felt like a great fit because it’s made up of 98% natural origin ingredients, and doesn’t contain sulphates (I need to use sulphate-free shampoo because of my Keratin treatment – this was LIFECHANGING for post-run hair styling), it’s also silicone and paraben free. The Micellar shampoo is light enough that you can wash your hair daily if you need, however, if like me you don’t want to wash your hair that often, you can use the Essence D’Eclat to re-energise your hair and mask any sweat scent. It smells like sweet orange and rose – so delicious plus it makes your hair so shiny and sleek.

Post gym/run hairstyles for wet or greasy hair

Post run/gym hairstyles for wet or greasy hair

Hairstyles for Wet Hair 

Sometimes there just isn’t time to dry your hair, or you’ve got such a sweaty top lip that the thought of any more heat makes you want to cry (it takes me so long to cool down after a workout and shower, I often blast my face with the cold air hairdryer setting). In the past I’ve literally walked out of the house with sopping wet hair, hoping it would dry on the train.

Tim had loads of ideas for great wet hairstyles however when it came to it, there were only a few that I could actually do myself  – still got a lot of practicing to do!

post run/gym hairstyles for wet and greasy hair

post run/gym hairstyles for wet and greasy hair

This top knot is one of the easiest of all the hairstyles. You apply the Essence D’Eclat to wet/damp hair, tie your hair into a high ponytail, plait the ponytail and secure with an elastic, then wrap the plait around on itself and secure with a pin into a bun. It looks sleek and smart, plus when your hair dries, you can undo it to reveal lovely wavy hair for an evening out or for a second day style.

post run/gym hairstyles for wet and greasy hair

post run/gym hairstyles for wet and greasy hair

This twisted look was one of my faves of the day, and so simple. Just take the front section of your hair on one side, twist and secure with a bobby pin at the back, and repeat on the other side.

Also I am obsessed with these River Island sandals so had to make sure they made it into the shot, plus they’re on sale for £25!

Post run/gym hairstyles for wet or greasy hair

Another twisted style (so much easier than braids!). This style looks fancy but is pretty easy and could also be done on slightly greasy hair too (you know when you need it out of your face and avoid touching it to make it look worse!). The Essence D’Eclat bi phase oil spray helps to avoid the frizzy hair look as your hair dries.

Post gym/run hair styles - how to style wet or greasy hair

Twist the side of your hair staying close to your scalp, if your hair is long then you can double it over at the back of your head and secure with pins, repeat on the other side. If you have short hair, just pin it when you run out of hair to twist – the look won’t be exactly the same from the back but it will from the front.

Personally, I used to buy whichever variety of shampoo and conditioner was on offer at the supermarket and was the same when it came to haircuts. But let’s face it, my hair looked crap and would manage to be both puffy and greasy at the same time. Thankfully Zoe introduced me to Tim who has saved my hair. He taught me to see hair as an investment and that quality shampoo and conditioner is not only better for my hair but also for my bank balance as it lasts so much longer. You only need a really small amount of product, plus it works so well that you shouldn’t need to wash your hair as often.

I don’t wash my hair everyday, usually every three days depending on what workouts I’ve done, however the Micellar shampoo is light weight and made using coconut oil and Moroccan argan oil to keep your hair and scalp soft and avoid irritation even if you are washing everyday. The Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire Shampoo is currently on sale at here for £14.80 (reduced from £21.20) . For those with dry hair you can use the Concentre Essentiel pre wash or added to the Soin Fondamental conditioner for added nutrition.

Styles for Day Old/Greasy Hair 

You know when you’re pushing your hair to the limits and really should have washed it, but didn’t have time/couldn’t be bothered. These styles are great for that…they also work well on clean and damp hair too.

Hair styles for post run/gym hair - wet or greasy hairstyles

Loving this summery pink leather jacket. 

Hair styles for post run/gym hair - wet or greasy hairstyles

The plait up the back is much easier than it looks – just tip your head over and plait like normal, secure in a ponytail then wrap around into a top knot. This felt secure enough to run in or would make a great beach/poolside hairstyle.

Hair styles for post run/gym hair - wet or greasy hairstyles

Hair styles for post run/gym hair - wet or greasy hairstyles

Hair styles for post run/gym hair - wet or greasy hairstyles

I’ve seen tons of simple low ponytails with black ribbons in fashion magazines and realised it would make an elegant yet simply hairstyle for clean, day old or damp hair. The trick to making it look more sophisticated is to slightly backcomb underneath the top part of the hair to add some volume, and to make sure to tie your ponytail at the right height. Too high and you could look like a cheerleader…

Add a ribbon to your gym bag or handbag for some instant added glamour. Love how shiny my hair looked after it dried thanks to the Comcentre Essentiel hair oil in combination with the Aura Botanica shampoo and conditioner.

Hair styles for post run/gym hair - wet or greasy hairstyles

I wear my hair in a half up, half down topknot all the time. It’s really easy to do with hair of any stage in your hair washing cycle. I use a dry shampoo like this Shu Uemera that doesn’t leave a white powder trace or the distinctive dry shampoo smell on the underneath bit to give it some shine, dry out any greasiness and to add some volume.

post run/gym hairstyles for wet and greasy hair

Love this hippy vibe for summer- adding a headscarf covers any greasy roots- backcombing the back section adds a little volume to the hair too. Its also a great way of adding colour to a dark or boring outfit.

post run/gym hairstyles for wet and greasy hair

Loved this collaboration with Kérastase for something a little different – and the first ever photoshoot that I’m not in lycra! I’m thinking about doing a separate post with links to the outfits – it turns out online shopping for summer clothes make a great distraction from revision and essay writing.

Huge thanks to Tim for working his magic yet again on my hair – you can follow him here or make an appt with him if you’re West London based. He’s doing my wedding hair, does the most amazing natural Keratin treatments and uses organic colours that are even suitable for pregnant women. And thank you to Anna for the gorgeous photos.

You can buy the whole range as a discounted bundle from Look Fantastic Here. I’m planning on taking it all to the south of France in two weeks to help protect against the sun and chlorine, and keep it look shiny and fresh for the wedding.


  1. coffeeavocados

    Great post! I’m terrible for just leaving my hair in a mess – I usually go straight to the topknot…
    I love the twisted half up half down and the plait up the back styles 😀
    I’ll be giving them ago after my next run

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

    • charlotte

      I’m so the same but love how simple these styles are yet how impressive they look!

  2. Chiswickmum

    Loving this glamorous look! But could you go back to revising now please? Love you xx

  3. Nicole

    love the one with all the twists in the back!

  4. Hannah

    Thanks for this post! They all look great! I have 2 styles: wear it down after its washed and dried naturally, and then pony tail day after that. I need and want more hair styles so will try a few of these!

  5. Georgina

    Great post Charlie! The upside down braid and twist style are my favourites 🙂 And I love that pink leather jacket too xx


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