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5 Unhealthy Habits that I Won’t Give Up

Nov 4, 2015 | Uncategorized | 27 comments

There’s a lot of chat at the moment about how fake social media is and to a certain extent, I agree. I find it really hard to compete on Instagram with girls that have hundreds of thousands of followers with all their perfect photos, although I actually just had fun in NYC with a photographer to take some fun pics to share with you all. However I will continue to share my own, daily pics too to show off my real life. I’m actually finding Snapchat great for sharing more than we do on Instagram too and seeing a little more reality (although this can actually make it even more depressing but we won’t go into that now.

It can seem that some people only eat kale, green smoothies and avocado, and while that may be the case for them, it certainly isn’t for me so I thought I’d share 5 ‘unhealthy’ habits that I have that I am definitely not giving up anytime soon…


I eat chocolate every day. I’m not talking about a that ‘a small square of dark chocolate’ rubbish, I’m talking like a brownie, or cookie, or twirl, or kit kat. Proper chocolate…every day around 4pm with a cup of tea. My colleagues used to call it Chococlock and I got lots of people in my office into it, making it a social event where we took it in turns to bring small treats in or go to Borough market to choose something. It used to get me through the work day, and now breaks up my 2 hour long lectures or study sessions at Uni.

(Outsider Tart brownies are the best, please visit if you’re ever in Chiswick!)

Outsider Tart brownies Chiswick


I drink more than 1 cup of coffee every single day. I know we should be limiting our caffeine consumption, but I like coffee and tea. I’ve tried to swap a few out for herbal teas, but they just don’t hit the same spot. Getting up at 5am 2-3 days a week means that at 5.30am I am outside Starbucks (the only place open at that time) to get a Grande latte and usually have a second coffee around 10.30am when I finish work! I have given up Diet Coke which I think is a win both in terms of caffeine and artificial sugars.


Burgers are another weakness, often Tom and I will go to Westfield just to have a Five Guys. When I was in NYC for the marathon in 2013 I managed to eat 5 out of the top 10 burgers in a 6 day trip, it was epic. My first post Chicago meal was Shake Shack and on my most recent trip to the US I visited the hottest NYC restaurant at the moment, By Chloe for vegan burgers which were amazing.

By Chloe

My Phone 

I sleep next to my phone to use as an alarm, and the first and last thing I do at night is check social media. Whilst I am trying to have a bit of a digital detox for the hour before bed, I love following social media. I am constantly attached to my phone, much to Tom’s disapproval, and I have to charge my phone at least twice a day thanks to it’s constant use. I use social media, plus Whatsapp to stay in touch with friends, bloggers, brands that I love, as well as connecting with others. It moves so fast that it can feel like if you don’t check it for half a day that you could have missed something major (although this rarely actually happens!). I also love having my phone camera with me at all times to take impromptu photos of my friends- or let’s face it, my workouts!


I actually used to drink a lot when I was at uni and in my post student years, but have cut back a lot in the past few years. I don’t actually enjoy the feeling of being drunk, and have some of the worst hangovers but that won’t stop me enjoying a few cocktails with friends, or more than a few glasses of Champagne at weddings. I can’t keep up with most people anymore, and don’t really ever drink during the week (plus wine is a major trigger for my migraines so I tend to avoid it) but won’t say no to a G&T or glass of fizz!

Chicago marathon finisher 2015

I wouldn’t even call these vices, I’d say they are part of a healthy, balanced diet! What ‘unhealthy’ habits do you love too much to give up?


  1. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint)

    I will never give up my weekly brownie habit from Glasgow’s Cottonrake- too good. I consider them a mental health treat (if you’re ever here, its the best brownie in the city).

    Also don’t intend to ever give up lattes. I know they are wasted calories yadda yadda, but they’re good for the soul.

  2. Victoria Stears (@victorialalala)

    It sounds to me like these habits are incredibly good for the soul, and should always be indulged in. I tend to struggle with getting the balance right in life, often being too restrictive but with the festive season rapidly approaching I’m trying to take a much more relaxed approach to treats and ‘unhealthy’ habits and just learn to enjoy life and all it has to offer that little bit more! Really loved this post! X

  3. Andreea

    Wow, I really had to think about this one. It has to be chips, definitely the chips. I don’t make them at home anymore, ever. But when I’m eating out, I take the opportunity to choose chips as the side. There are things that I completely threw out of my life (carbonated drinks for ex) and things I eat once in a while, mostly as prizes for fitness “achievements” (sweets, chips).

  4. Bex

    Mine is definitely tea and coffee. I like herbal teas too but I just cannot give up my strong builder’s tea and post gym coffee. I know buying coffee out is a waste of money (blah blah) but I genuinely really look forward to it! I’m good friends with the people who own my local coffee shop and love going in for a chat before work. I’ve tried to drink less tea at work as I end up hardly drinking any actual water because of it, but seem to be failing miserably! Oh well.

  5. Margaret (@HaveAGoodRun)

    Mine are the same as yours, Charlie! Totally agree on all fronts. Not giving any of those things up!!

  6. Carla

    Diet. Coke. 🙂

  7. Elspeth

    Tea, champagne and red wine….utter heaven and non negotiables! Fabulous post Charlie, I love your blog and all the more for your honesty xxx

  8. Kirsty Lirisits

    These are all ‘normal’ habits to me! Cake and biscuits is one habit I won’t give up! I love your blog because your very honest in your posts and real.

  9. stevebonthrone

    This sounds like therapy! Ha ha! I also love chocolate but prefer a decent quality bar and wouldn’t touch a Mars Bar or similar. I couldn’t function without coffee! I love an espresso, either made fresh in the morning or from Nero’s. I love a glass of red and like nothing better than a small (ish) glass in the evenings when I get home from a long, hard day at work. I suppose the phone is acceptable as much of my interaction with clients is done by email, text or social media between sessions. These are all valuable to me in their own ways and I see them (chocolate, coffee, red wine) more as rewards and so more than happy to look forward to these everyday 🙂

  10. Mickey

    Bloody brilliant post Charlie! Burgers, red wine, bread, daily chocolate or cake and keys to a happy soul! They do say it’s all about moderation, and these things give me a happy heart so who cares 🙂

  11. Ashley (@healthyhappier)

    I’ve actually fallen in love with an afternoon snack that is a mix of dried cherries or cranberries, almonds and dark chocolate morsels. I measure it and enjoy while sipping afternoon green tea! 🙂

    • Amanda @

      That sounds like a perfect afternoon snack, may have to add that to my daily routine…

  12. garym6059

    You smartphone is a “unhealthy” habit? That’s blasphemy LOL,

  13. fionajarrett

    Oh yes, when I saw your headline, the very first thing that came into my head was coffee! I drink about 2-3 cups a day, which I know is more than I should but I really enjoy it. I’ll make changes elsewhere but the coffee is a keeper. Also, bread.It’s not that I eat vast amounts of it but I love sandwiches and toast. Think I’d go a little nutty without it!

  14. Traci

    I can’t give up my weekly Mexican dinner! It’s delicious, it’s a fun time with friends & I just don’t want to give it up!

  15. peachylau

    Mine are pizza and pot noodles, although they don’t happen weekly.

  16. Amanda @

    Love this post and I can relate to all of those habits (and agree they aren’t unhealthy!). My big thing is french fries, I can never say no! I often make them at home to avoid deep frying and instead make a delicious baked version…but whenever it’s on a menu, especially sweet potato fries, you know I’m ordering it. Also am addicted to coffee and am 100% ok with that.

  17. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    Yes! Brilliant post, it’s so refreshing to hear 🙂 My unhealthy habits include chocolate, tea, chips, too much internet and telly.

  18. Linda Wright

    A girl after my own heart! It’s so refreshing that other runners share the same “healthy” snacks as I do! Brilliant

  19. Jess

    Love this Charlie! Wine is most definitely my “unhealthy habit” although I think there is something good for the soul about sharing a bottle of wine and god conversation, so it’s not something I plan on giving up anytime soon!

  20. Ciara Sullivan

    I love a weekend dessert, Saturday nights are all about chocolate pudding or popcorn in front of the tele and the odd glass of prosecco! Brilliant post Charlie! xx

  21. Catherine

    Great post!! For me it’s bread and butter, chocolate before bed every nighta and checking social media while I eat my lunch (like now!). Also, when I go out for food I never limit my choices to ‘something healthy’ as for me eating out is a real treat – I get in a lot of pizza this way, and never choose a salad haha 🙂

  22. runninglife01

    I love this post! I am completely the same, I will never give up the things I know are “bad” but I enjoy. Life it about the balance and enjoying the time we have. My biggest weakness is a Chinese takeaway, its not a weekly thing – but I can never say to no to one! 🙂 x

  23. Abi

    Eating peanut butter straight out the jar…. yep shameless! Taking part in a race this weekend which I done last year, directly after the finish line is a cake stall, best post race treat ever ?! 🙂

  24. Caitlin

    I have a few unhealthy habits to reign in but I think instituting “Chococlock” to replace them will help me find some balance!!

  25. dcfitcrasher

    Love this post and identify with it 100%! Things I refuse to give up? Carbs. Particularly plain Goldfish crackers. I have no self control and will eat an entire bag in one day. Oh well!

  26. runningprincess78

    Love this! Too many people act like they have no “unhealthy” habits. I enjoy a morning coffee, the odd glass of red wine and treats like a big bag of crisps on a Sunday evening when I’ve had my long run. I’ve cut back a lot of my “phone time” recently but it’s still my alarm and, like you, check it just before bed and when I wake up.


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