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5 Things to do in Queenstown

Dec 29, 2012 | Uncategorized | 7 comments

With only a short time in Queenstown, we wanted to ensure that we crossed everything off our list of must do’s. This list was compiled through a combination of friend’s recommendations, guide books and trip advisor. So in no particular order;

1. Bungy Jump
I had thought about doing a bungy jump, then decided it was not something I was going to do. I had been skydiving so I didn’t need to. I also was really put off by the idea of having something tied to your ankles meaning you would have to jump off the platform or bridge headfirst.We watched some people do it off a bridge just outside Queenstown and I thought I would be far too scared to even attempt it. 
Then, we saw that the Ledge Bungy had a harness that went around your waist. And I started seriously considering it. 
So I decided to go and investigate it. I was planning on having a look, having a coffee and probably chickening out. 
Then somehow, this happened….
Char reminded me that I would be annoyed with myself if I didn’t do it, plus the guys at the bungy station were pretty persuasive. After weighing me, fitting me with a harness and giving me a safety briefing, I was told to lean out off the side for a photo, however I was convinced that one of the safety guys was going to push me off the edge (I had previously told them that I thought it might take a push to actually get me off the ledge!!) 
I then pysched up to run and jump off, only I didn’t actually jump. I stalled, grabbed the safety guy and luckily didn’t fall off! He told me that I couldn’t hold onto him (fair enough, he was wearing a harness too for safety, probably not the first time someone has grabbed onto him). I gave myself a bit of a talking to….
and jumped off head first. 
It was actually incredible. The adrenaline rush was amazing, and the views weren’t bad!! I liked that after the initial headfirst jump, whilst bobbing/swinging up and down, I was the right way up! 
One for the Bucket list, sort of. 
2. Eat at Ferg Burger
I am not exactly sure why Ferg Burger is such a Queenstown institution, but I was instructed by a number of friends to visit it, and there was always a long line outside- no matter what time of day. 
Only one member of our group (my Mum!) actually managed to finish their burger, they were so huge. 
I can highly recommend a Cock-a-doodle-oink (breaded chicken with bacon and avocado). 
3. Go up Skyline Cable Car and come down the luge

This is another ‘must do’ that topped trip advisor and lonely planet’s ‘things to do in Queenstown’ lists. 
The skyline is a cable car that takes you from town up to the top of one of the mountains surrounding Queenstown. You can buy a pass for a return trip on the skyline, or to include the luge or mountain biking. Our group were really keen to go mountain biking, but we hadn’t booked in advance (it’s busy season) so the only bikes left were super expensive. 
The views from the skyline are breathtaking over the town, lake and mountains beyond. 
You can then grab an incredibly attractive helmet and take a further chair lift up to the start of the luge. 
A luge is basically a cross between a toboggan and a scooter, and you navigate your way down the track, either the easy, scenic one, or the advanced track. 
We obviously tried out both. It was really good fun, and there were kids and adults of all ages enjoying it. Whilst this didn’t add much to our view over the lake, we all had a good time. 
4. Be an Adrenaline Junkie

Queenstown is THE place for adrenaline sports. You can ski and snowboard in winter, plus go jet skiing, paragliding, bungy jumping, skydiving, and go jet boating most of the year round. Infact, the Shotover River in Queenstown, where you go jet boating, is how shotover boating got it’s name! 
My Mum had got it into her head that she really wanted to go jet boating, and since the weather was so beautiful, we were all keen to join her. 
Jet boating is basically riding a very fast boat along a river in a canyon, speeding dangerously close to the edge, and performing 360 degree spins. Needless to say it was a little scary, and we got soaked. We all screamed and laughed our way through it and really enjoyed it. 
5. Go to World Bar (and any other bar you fancy…)
Queenstown is known as being a young, party town, with lots of people working seasonal jobs there. I was told by the guys at the Bungy Jump that we had to go to World Bar for a drink or two, then check out some other bars/clubs. 
After a really nice meal at FishBone and a couple of glasses of wine, we did just that. 
We enjoyed cocktails out of teapots and shot glasses at World Bar, before heading to a club to dance- couldn’t tell you the name of the club I’m afraid. I can tell you that we lost a dance off, drank jaeger bombs and that I did a forward roll on the dance floor. 
Do you follow guide books when you visit a new place, or just do you what you want when you arrive? I always like to look in a guide book and speak to friends before travelling to ensure I don’t miss anything! 


  1. goingongoals

    I have been loving your NZ posts (I was just there is September). Completely agree with your 5 things to do in Queenstown list. We loved bungy jumping so much, we went twice!

    • Charlie

      Thanks! New Zealand is amazing, so sad to be back to reality in London now! Which Bungy’s did you do?

  2. whitney

    I am so envious of you doing the bungy jump. I wanted to do it too badly that it hurts. I can’t wait to go to Queenstown. I am really going to reserve a Queenstown accommodation right now.

  3. America and Shep

    I hope my family’s Queenstown apartment is still up because I really wanted to tick off bungy jumping in my bucket list! I can’t wait to do it!

  4. Charlotte E. Barfield

    I love adventures things and i think Bungy Jump is the one of scary adventures thing. I went New Zealand few month’s ago and i visited Queenstown with my girl friend but we not do this stunt.


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