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5 Things NOT to do Before Running a Marathon

Apr 9, 2014 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

1. Climb the 270 stairs up the Arc de Triomphe the day before the marathon.

OK the views were definitely worth it, as was the discovery that if you’re 25 or under it’s free to go up to the top! We were lucky to arrive just before big queues formed and could power up the stairs in one go without being caught in a group. My thighs only burned slightly on the way up and wobbled a little on the way down. Definitely recommend this if your taking a trip to Paris, although currently half of it is covered in scaffolding.

2. Indulge in macarons, Croque Monsier, three course meals at my favourite Parisian restaurant, and pastries. Oh and a pain au chocolat for breakfast before the race.

3. Walk around Paris’s largest flea market then walk along the Seine to the Pont des Arts to add a lock to the bridge!

4. Take jumping photos…

5. Tell everyone your very ambitious time goal that you are not trained to run-and then not achieve it!

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  1. mia79gbr

    Love these photos!! Looks as though you had an amazing break as well as ran a marathon!


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