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5 Things I Learnt From Filming My First Vlog

Mar 23, 2016 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

What I learnt from Vlogging

I finally decided to take the plunge and give vlogging a go, and thought that my skiing holiday would be the perfect chance to give it a try. Whilst I’ve got all of the footage from the past 5 days, the video isn’t quite ready – have had to ask my brother-in-law for some help as I am a technophobe, but in the meantime, here are 5 things I learnt from 5 days of ‘vlogging’…

1. Vlogging is HARD! I have so so much respect for all the vloggers I’ve been watching for years, especially those that do daily/weekly vlogs!

2. I have no top lip. When I talk my top lip almost completely disappears – Tom has been teasing me about my lack of top lip for years and I finally concede that it’s true.

3. It’s even more embarrassing trying to film yourself talking than taking selfies or self timer photos – I got a lot of strange looks as I tried to video myself. Also my friends did not love the constant filming (or photos!) – the Instagram Husband is needed almost more for this than for pictures, and it’s more time consuming for them…be warned! (I need to buy myself a tripod and a remote immediately!)

4. You need to pan the camera round a lot more slowly than you think. Rewatching some of my videos I feel a little motion sick!!

5. I need to buy a thesaurus – I use the words ‘excited’ ‘amazing’ ‘ridiculous’ and ‘yeah’ far too much. There are many many out-takes of me using these words over and over again in the same little snippet of video.

Annoyingly Tom took the (ok, his!) GoPro with all the skiing footage with him to Cardiff which means that my skiing vlog will take a little longer to get up however I’d LOVE if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel in anticipation (lol) so that I don’t have 0 subscribers… I’ll love you forever 🙂

The Runner Beans YouTube channel is live – subscribe here. Video will be up as soon as I’ve figured out how to make it…

I’d love to know if you watch YouTube videos, and if there are any particular videos you’d like me to make?


  1. CARLA

    number five made me laugh.
    I KNOW.
    It’s so easy to spot our “little darlings” when we listen to ourselves speak on video!

  2. kylek42

    I am even having a hard time not repeating words to often in my blog! If i tried to vlog forget about it haha, Vlogging is a great idea and I wish more runners would, I feel that it is much more informative to watch a video on something you want to learn about rather than reading about it.


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