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5 Things I Learned During the New York City Marathon

Nov 7, 2016 | Marathon Majors, Marathon Majors, Running | 11 comments

Thank you so much for all the messages of luck and support yesterday, they mean so much to me! It’s amazing to be running a US race, with messages from all over the world.

Yesterday was hard day, it was hot from the very start of the run, the course was hillier than I remember (and have trained for), and I struggled from mile 22 onwards. It has been an eye opener in terms of how much I have to do for Tokyo in just over 100 days time, but I’m strangely excited to put a lot of hard work over the next few months – most particularly on my speed, general fitness and my core strength.

5 Things I learned during the New York City Marathon 2016

  1. Never under estimate the marathon distance. It will kick your butt if not, mile 19 onwards was not pretty…

New York City marathon 2016

2. You should always, always do that extra safety wee. We only just made it to our corral in time after delays on the buses, and I didn’t go for my last final bathroom stop. I needed the loo for 22 miles, until I finally cramped so much that I had to stop.

3. Having supporters makes ALL the difference. I really missed having Tom and my Mum on the sidelines, but loved having Ashley, Darren (Zoe’s BF), Megan, and a couple of Zoe’s friends cheering for us. The NYC crowds are unparrallelled – although London does come a close second – and their noise, signs and music is so encouraging.

4. I love and hate marathons, luckily not in equal measure. I smiled through most of the miles yesterday, and think it might have been a lot more enjoyable if I’d been a little fitter.

New York City marathon 2016

5. Running with a friend is AMAZING! I loved having Zoe by my side for most of the race yesterday, someone to check in with, keep me on pace and push me forwards when I wanted to slow down on the bridges.

I ran 21.5  miles through the five boroughs with Zoe, and helped (in a very small way) her earn her brand new PB!! I am so proud of her, and couldn’t believe how strong she looked on those hills – her training has been spot on this summer! I know she’s going to keep chipping away at her time to earn her sub 4 in no time!

New York City marathon 2016
Full race review and video coming soon! In the meantime I’m going to be spamming my Instagram with race pics over the next few days.


  1. Pippa @ Pip in Motion

    Good job! I was so jealous of everyone running NYC this weekend, it was all over my social feed and it looks so much like London in terms of crowd support and really taking over the whole city. Can’t wait to read the full race report 🙂

  2. David

    Hey Charlotte, I think your 5km splits were pretty even…nicely paced race I’d say. Well done.

    I think you can go faster but you ran a good race I think. Well done!

  3. Helen Garcia

    Well done!! I am jealous! I ran Chicago marathon in October and am also at Tokyo in February! NYC marathon is on my to-do list!!!

  4. Nicole

    congratulations on finishing the NYC marathon!!!

  5. Pam

    NYC marathon is such an iconic race, but a difficult one too. Look forward to reading your full recap!

  6. Yokasta

    Congrats on NYC!! Great tips! That safety wee is oh-so-important!!!

  7. Jess

    Well done Charlie! You’re totally right… they never get any easier! but each one is a great acheivement 🙂 Now, i think it’s time to celebrate in Vegas 😉 xxx

    • charlotte

      Definitely! I’ve just booked us in to the spa!!

  8. Amanda - RunToTheFinish

    Amen, no matter how much I train there will be suffering at some point. Congrats!!

  9. Tess @ FitBits

    22 miles needing a wee – you’re nails! Well done girls looks like an amazing race to run!


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