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5 of the Best Spinning Classes in London

Apr 9, 2015 | Uncategorized | 14 comments

In no particular order (except I’ve put my favourite first) here are a list of the best spinning classes in London, in my opinion. I also think that the classes at Virgin Active and Fitness First are great if you’re members of those gyms!



When this studio first opened, I didn’t understand the hype…until I took my first class there. Hands down it is my favourite spinning class I’ve ever taken. Yes, it’s not a very serious spin class and cycling aficionados that use spinning as training probably wouldn’t rave about it, but I think that’s why I think it’s so great.

Strobe lighting, a killer playlist, ballet on the bike plus a great weights section, this is certainly not your average spin class. Read a more in depth review here.  Sadly not on Classpass although apparently they are being added…watch this space!

Read my full review here. 

£20 a class

1rebel spin class


I first reviewed 1Rebel Ride when it had just opened and the class was almost empty. Well, I reserve the right to change my mind on this COMPLETELY. I recently took a Carnival ride and it was awesome. The music was pumping, the instructor was a ball of energy and the room was packed (in a good way!) however they haven’t made new videos for the front of the room. They’ve also dropped their prices from £25 to £20 and they’re on Classpass.

If the electric atmosphere doesn’t sell you on the spinning, then the best changing room in London should. Again this class was more of a full body sweat fest rather than serious cycle training, but I loved it.

Check out my full studio review here. 

£20 a class.

edge cycle

Edge Cycle 

When your class is taught by an ex-GB triathlete, you know you’re in for a great workout (and a more serious ‘RIDE’). The hard work wasn’t a one off, another class I attended I stumbled into their plank challenge- 5 minutes of planking at the end of a spinning bootcamp! My abs and thighs (and arms) were on fire! I hate the clock at the front of the room as I stare at it constantly, but now that they’ve sorted out their showers (there were not curtains, now there are!!) that’s the only thing to complain about. I love the friendliness and affordability of Edge Cycle. Get there early to chat with the owner/guy on reception, he’s wonderful and remembers random details you’ve told him about during the previous chat!

Read a full class review here. 

£15 a class (or only £50 a month) plus they’re on Classpass

Boom Cycle

Boom Cycle 

‘Take a break, drink some water, fix your hair’. Common words you’ll hear in a Bang’s spin class at Boom Cycle. It’s very individual, including the music but it works. Another full body workout, these fun classes are definitely one to go with friends to especially if you’re going after work or at the weekend. If you’re there for a morning class, I’d recommend leaving just before the end to ensure first dibs of the showers, otherwise you may have to babywipe/dry shampoo in a loo cubicle (not that its happened to me!) They are on Classpass but you won’t be able to get into any of the early morning sessions.

Join me on the 10th May for a charity spin class here- £25 for a workout and healthy breakfast afterward!! Donate here for a spot!



If you’re a competitive sort, you’ll love the beat board at the front of a cyclebeat class, giving you the power to see how you’re performing compared to the rest of the group. Personally, I don’t love this (probably because I’m usually rubbish). These classes are a more serious training ride than many of the other studios, and they don’t include a weights section. Great for Ride100 and triathlon training.

Warning about the showers- they are open!

£16 a class

Do you like Spinning? What’s your favourite class?

I am desperate to try SoulCycle and Flywheel when I’m next in America!


  1. Amy

    I love Psycle too, just can’t part with the cash every time. Ride Republic has recently opened up in Fulham and has a similar vibe, it’s on classpass and has Tanya’s cafe onsite!
    Amy |

    • charlotte

      OOh I’ll have to check them out- let me know if you want to go together sometime (and then to Tanyas!!!)

  2. katieferg89

    I LOVE Cyclebeat! Haven’t been for a while but I am a sucker for a leaderboard….

    • charlotte

      Haha got to love the competitive side of a Cyclebeat class!

  3. Elle @ keep it simpElle

    I’pretty sure they do flywheel classes at Shoreditch House! Just need to find someone to get you in 😉

    • charlotte

      Sadly you can’t even go with a member- only if you are a member yourself or stay overnight there!!

  4. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    Wow I had no idea classes in London were so expensive! Up here you’re looking at £5 to £10 for a 45 minute spin class depending on where you go (actually £3 at my work gym). Mind you, we don’t get all the funky classes that make you actually want to go and work out; just bikes, awful music and a trainer.

    • charlotte

      SOOO expensive which is why Classpass is actually quite reasonable in my opinion. I would love to pay £5 a class!

  5. misswheezy

    I’ve been to all of these except Psycle- 1Rebel is my current fave, but I do love Edgecycle too! I’m going to Ride Republic tomorrow in Parsons Green to try them out so will let you know how they compare 🙂

    • charlotte

      I’m signed up for Ride Republic next thurs AM if you want to join!!

  6. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I love cyclebeat, I’m a bit of a stats geek so I love the emails afterwards and the beatboard! I was annoyed that this didn’t work when you book through classpass though, as it’s one of the perks of going to cyclebeat for me, I usually work way harder.

  7. Adam

    They all look amazing, kind of wish I was living in London! 1Rebel looks great!

  8. chrissi

    Good post – I’ve psycle and boom to go. Also love getting to know new instructors and diff. classes at studios. I’m classpassing too and advice re showers/towels/etc v. welcome!

  9. Celia

    I prefer a hardcore training session, as I feel it’s a better workout. So for me Cyclebeat, or Daz or Marks class at Boom Shoreditch. I must admit I thought Psycle was an expensive gimmick with nice changing rooms but too much dancing on bikes and no way to gauge your ride as no revolutions per minute available on the bikes. I’m keen to try EdgeCycle.


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