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5 of my favourite things about RUNNING

Jul 26, 2013 | Running | 5 comments

I used to hate running. I could never understand why people chose to go for a run. I thought it was boring and too much like hard work.

Then I signed up for a marathon.

Probably not my best idea, signing up to run 26.2 miles before I could even run 1 mile without stopping, but it forced me to train for it. To get up at 6am to run before work. To cancel nights out to ensure I was fresh for a Sunday morning long run. To have an insatiable hunger. To lose toenails. To gain unsightly sports bra chafing marks. But in turn, it also made me fall in love with running.

1.The Endorphins
There is nothing better than finishing a run, stopping your watch and seeing that you’ve completed the number of miles you set out to cover for the day. Since I started running I’ve come to rely on it as a way of relieving stress, challenging myself and keeping active. It can be hard to set your alarm early or get out after a long day at work but it is always, always worth it. And being outside is so much nicer than on a treadmill.


2. The Friends
I first attended the Boutique Sport Run club back in March, and I was nervous. I didn’t know anyone and thought I’d have to run alone. What I didn’t realise was how friendly runners were, and on that first day, Leah came up to me, said she’d read my blog, and we started chatting. I’ve now run numerous races with her, tried out Flying Trapeze together, and probably text or email with her at least once a day.

I’ve made a number of fellow runners at the various events I’ve attended, from Boutique Sport, Nike run club and Write this Run who I would now consider friends; including Becs, Sophie, Beki, Laura, Molly and Zoe (although, I actually already knew Zoe so she probably doesn’t count!)

Becs and I even bumped into Laura last night at the Regent’s Park track, practising our Sweaty Speed Session workout!

I love having girls to chat paces, races, training plans, kit etc without the bored look that I get from my non-running friends. It’s also brilliant for inspiration when I read or hear about their runs on twitter and on their blogs! Oh and obviously running together!

3. The Races
I love taking part in races. Not because I am fast enough to ever place, but because it makes me push myself far more than on a training run. Signing up for races has encouraged me to complete different distances, from 5K, 5 miles to half marathons and even the London Marathon, as well as explore new areas of the UK, such as Eastbourne and Portsmouth! Lets not forget the medal that you get at the end too, or the awful official race pics!!! I’d love to complete some more races abroad in the next few years, there are so many on the list. I’ve also managed to persuade a few of my ‘non-running’ friends to sign up for races with me, and Amanda, my flat mate has her first half marathon in Oct!

4. The Kit
I never thought I’d get more excited about buying trainers than heels. I love shopping for workout gear, and whilst I used to pick black covering pieces, I am now all about the colour. I recently bought some neon yellow nike trainers, and think they’ll go great with my bright green shorts and fluoro pink top…kidding, sort of. Over the last few years it has become easier to buy attractive, flattering outfits from cool brands such as Sweaty Betty, Lululemon, Lorna Jane, Nike, Reebok and the list goes on!

5. The Food
It’s no secret that I love to eat, and although I know many people frown upon it, I am definitely the type of person who rewards with food. Been for a 10k- yep I can eat this cake and enjoy it to the max. Sometimes I feel like I run so that I can eat what I want, and whilst I appreciate that you need to fuel your body correctly to run well, I am all about the cake. And chips. And burgers. All in moderation though of course.

Our Shake Shack burgers- if you haven’t been yet, you should go! I’ll come with you.

What are your favourite things about running?


  1. Beki

    Love this! Totally agree with all those things Charlie- running is great! Can’t wait to pound the pavements with you again 🙂 What shall we have to eat afterwards? ;P x


    All so true! As soon as shake shack starts a run club I’m there!

  3. FitBits Tess

    Ahh I love running too – for all of the above reasons, especially no. 1. I’m not very good at it, and am definitely more of a plodder than a fast runner, but it’s the challenge I like – nothing beats that feeling at the end of a good run, like you say. Wicked post 🙂 x

    • Charlie

      A plodder is stil a runner!!! Thanks for the comment! x

  4. KW

    I like the same things…I love the endorphins after a good run and the feeling of finishing a race with a PR/PB when you didn’t even think you would survive, and not feeling bad about that cake.


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