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5 Lessons Learnt on a 20 Mile Run

Aug 24, 2014 | Active Travel, Running | 5 comments

1. If you don’t have body glide or vaseline, hair wax works just as well, maybe better. No chafing at all on this run. WIN!

2. Even with data roaming and my internet turned off, my google maps still worked brilliantly as a navigation tool. The roads around the area are very windy, and it can be easy to take a wrong turning. Checking the map is also a great excuse to stop at the top of a hill for a breather!

3. This is the most photographed golf hole in Europe… (I wouldn’t have known that if Tom hadn’t joined me for my final 6 miles, helping to push me through when really all I wanted to do was stop!)

4. If you run early in this sort of area on a Saturday morning, there will be people on their way home from a night out, and they will pull over to ask a) why you’re running b) if you want to join them for a party. It was funny the first time, not so much by the fourth, especially when it is hot and hilly.

5. Jumping straight in the pool in your sweating running gear is the best way to finish a run ever. So refreshing. (Not the most attractive face I’ve ever pulled).

Not to mention rehydrating afterwards…

20 miles done at 8.57 min mile pace- pretty happy with that considering the hills and the temperature. So glad Berlin is a flat marathon!


  1. Ash bear

    You are going to kick Berlin in the ASS! I can’t wait to celebrate with you afterwards. Can we have ALL the beer? I hope our guys are ready to be the best spectators! I can see it now – they will have beer and pretzels in hand the whole time!!

  2. kathyqruns

    Nice work, you are really having a strong training cycle!

  3. Kathy Q

    Nice work, you are really having a strong training cycle!

  4. Stephanie The Magpie

    Great work on the 20 miler, you are such an amazing runner, hello refuelling, that looks like fun!


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