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5 Fitness Bits on my Christmas Wishlist

Dec 12, 2014 | Running | 3 comments

I’ve loved looking through lots of gift guides this year, but decided to share with you what’s on my personal wish list fitness wise this year. Tom and I aren’t giving each other main presents, but we are doing stockings so I am currently thinking of all the marathon related goodies I can fill his with. Whilst most of these items might not fit in my stocking, I am hoping that I might receive at least one of these goodies under the tree (hint, hint!)

Patterned Leggings 

I love patterned leggings, and have had my eye on these Sweaty Betty beauties for a while, and rumour has it they’re bringing out some even prettier ones next season. My legging collection could do with a bit of an update, getting rid of the more transparent options for some less embarrassing pairs. Sweaty Betty patterned leggings

PT sessions

With new goals this year, I’d love to work with a professional to train efficiently, tone up and strengthen my body in preparation for the challenges I’m setting myself in 2015. I love classes, downloading workouts and group activities but there’s nothing like a tailor made plan with one-to-one attention to ensure you work hard and perform correctly. Tom’s had a PT twice a month for the last 6 months and he has come on leaps and bounds. He is fitter, faster, slimmer and stronger, plus he absolutely loves his workouts. I’d love a few PT sessions to kick start the New Year and plan my next few months of workouts!

Bike Turbo Trainer 

I admit it, I’m a fair-weather cyclist. Improving my cycling stamina, speed and confidence is high on my challenge list next year, so having a turbo trainer in the flat would mean no excuses not to be training even if it’s raining!

Gym Tote 

Love, love, love these bags. They’re huge, have separate compartments for shoes, swim gear, cosmetics, plus space for an A4 pad. Considering I lug a gym bag around with me on most days, it would be nice if it was a bag I could be proud of, rather than using a hessien bag or shoving my clothes into my already overflowing handbag.



I always lose socks- both my own and Tom’s! Yesterday I actually had to wear odd socks to a physio appt (for which he made fun of me). Sports socks, running socks and Pilates socks are always a winning stocking filler for me!

What’s on your wish list this year?


  1. Adele

    I am forever loosing socks too! I more often than not end up wearing odd ones! Adele xx

  2. Cathryn

    Frankly, I’d like some stronger ankles for trail-running, and earlier today I spotted a one-eyed ginger cat on the local shelter’s website but apparently I won’t be getting him! So I’m pitching for a Mio wrist-worn heart-rate monitor.

  3. joyfulantidotes

    I don’t think anybody will get me some gym gear so I will just have to add it to my own list 🙂 I saw some really nice stuff from Primark that hopefully I can get my hands on. Usually my size is gone. I will need the motivation to go back to the gym in January. With going home for Xmas for much of December and needing lots of time to get prepared I will need all the motivation I can get.


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