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5 Fit Girl Problems

May 15, 2015 | Kit | 16 comments


nike vest top - the runner beans

5 Fit Girl Problems

Things you know if you’re only a fit girl…


1. Forgetting something vital for your workout- whether that’s not packing a sport’s bra, leaving your work shoes at home or having to wear a completely mis-matched outfit.

We’ve all been there. On Wednesday I had to wear trainers at work all day, including to 2 meetings. I’ve had friends that have forgotten skirts and bras who have had to do a mad dash to Primark or M&S before going in to the office.


2. You are ashamed of your feet. They’re bashed up, potentially missing toenails, have toughened skin from long runs and are generally in need of a professional pedicure.

nike free runs - the runner beans

3. Your colleagues give you strange looks because you are always producing strange healthy snacks and smoothies from your handbag. Oh and constantly eating.

I don’t have any drawers at work so my snacks are laid out on my desk each day! Also, why is it more embarrassing to eat homemade energy balls than a kitkat?

gym tote

4. You are constantly washing clothes; sports bras, socks, leggings, shorts. Depending on the activities you can sometimes end up wearing 3 outfits in one day.

5. Hair washing. How many days is it acceptable not to wash your hair? Is it obvious that you dry shampooed? Surely blasting your sweaty hair with the cold hair dryer is almost the same as washing and blow drying?

What are your fit girl/guy problems?




  1. Miranda

    So true! All of this. Especially #1. Nothing is worse.

  2. Cara

    That feeling of dread when you realise you forgot to pack an essential item!! Love this, so true! My mum bought me a pedicure as a post marathon treat, bless her!!

  3. Mimi

    Numbers 2, 4, and, 5 definitely ring true for me! Funny post!

  4. Donna Marie

    I love the humor in the reality! Livin’ the dream 😉 My poor desk is often covered in papers and food ~ my co workers joke I can leave it out and walk away.. I too pull healthy home made items from my bag…it’s worth the funny looks and silly converstaions! GREAT READ!

    • charlotte

      Thanks so much Donna! Agree homemade goodies are awesome!

  5. Lauren

    I shower but don’t wash my hair all the time. Dry shampoo is also a savior!

  6. Georgina

    I used to work over an hour’s drive from home so would go to the gym near work in the morning to beat the traffic. Anyway one day I’d just finished my sweaty workout, had a shower and got to my locker… only to realise I’d left my dress at home. I had to call my boss, drive home in my sweaty leggings in a cardi, and work from home that day!! So embarrassing.

    I too get ribbed for bringing in a whole carrier bag full of food each day!

    I would add the looks you get on a Saturday night when you’re not drinking because you’ve got a training run/race the next day!

  7. Stuart

    Needing to shower AGAIN – how many times is that today?

  8. runningprincess78

    Yup! Loved this! My colleagues are always completely bemused by the fact that I always seem to be eating. I wash so much kit it’s unreal and probably spend far too much time showering. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  9. victoria

    This post is SO perfect it’s unreal! Forgot my bra one morning I’d gone to the gym before the office. Had to wear a very bright snazzy sports bra under a quite see-through white shirt (with cami, which of course didn’t hide my sports bra one bit). This and the above and so much more. It’s brilliant!

  10. tenminutesspare

    I never forgot my clothes when I was running to work thank goodness, but I have forgotten a towel on several occasions. It’s less inconvinient but still leaves you with a dilemma; freeze and drip dry, dry yourself on sweaty running clothes or dry yourself on clean clothes and blast under hand dryer! Arghh!

    • charlotte

      Oh dear, sweaty running clothes? I’ve actually dried myself with a tea towel at my old job!

  11. Ash Diamond

    Number 1 has happened TOO many times! I find leaving the bra is the worst thing so I actually started keeping a pair of undies and bra zipped in my gym bag in case of emergency!

    • charlotte

      I think that’s a great idea! Plus a pair of socks too!

  12. Mary

    I always end up heading out in my running trainers after a run. I never seem to remember to pack shoes in my car for later in the day!
    I hate getting judged on my food choices though. Luckily I have drawers at work, but I do eat alone for this reason. It’s a bit of a shame really.


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