5 Easy Tips to Up Your Facebook Game

How to up your Facebook game

I’m writing this in my PJs on Saturday morning as I’m scheduling some social media, and in particular Facebook for a brand that I freelance for.

Facebook is an annoying bugger. They change the rules all the time.

They recently just made it that bit harder for brands (yep, including bloggers in that category) to reach people, even the ones that like their page.

So now we have to work a little bit harder to have eyeballs on our content!

It’s funny, I talk about social media strategy with brands, and have been doing a lot whilst covering at Women’s Health, yet I put almost none of it into practise on my own social channels (except Instagram – that is my baby!).

Facebook post

So partly as a reminder to myself, and for any of you guys trying to up your social game, here are 5 easy to implement tips to improve your Facebook reach;

  • Add a picture to your post. Most of the time this needs to be uploaded separately to give the big picture image rather than to give the thumbnail with text.
  • Don’t give everything away in the title. You want people to click on your link, right? Well make them want to click through to it, tease them, without being too clickbaity!
  • Share giphs of cats. Or rather share other content – not just links to your own site. The point is to have engagement and ‘reach’ on your page – when one post does well, it tells Facebook to share your other posts too. Win, win.
  • Work out when the best time to post is – on your page you can see the amount of engagement a post had, it can help you work out when the best time to post is for your audience.
  • Advertise. Facebook is still one of the cheapest forms of advertising out there, and because it’s a business and they want people to spend money with them, they will prioritise paid/sponsored posts to show people over organic posts. You can spend small amounts of ££ either to push a specific post or to get new likes on your page.

And now I need to actually remember to do these things myself… starting on Monday!

Oh and I know these photos have nothing to do with Facebook, I just like them! Taken by the lovely Will Patrick!

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