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3 Podcasts to Motivate and Inspire Runners

Feb 24, 2016 | Uncategorized | 9 comments


Whilst training for my second marathon I discovered how entertaining podcasts were, how they could keep me from getting bored during long runs, and inspire me to get outside when I was lacking motivation. Recently I’ve added a few more incredible podcasts to my subscription downloads and I wanted so share them with you!

  • Rich Roll Podcast – Rich chats with various experts and forward thinkers in the health and wellness world. A passionate vegan, former swimmer now ultra endurance athlete and recovered alcoholic. Rich’s long podcasts are powerful reminders to live your life to the fullest, and are guaranteed to make you rethink your diet and fitness plans. Since I started listening to these podcasts, I’ve made quite a few changes to my own eating habits, cleaning materials and future goals.
  • I’m Not You – I first learned about Olaniyi Sobemehin on the Rich Roll show, and immediately downloaded his sports motivation podcast. This is an awesome listen for those stepping up their training game, or those who need a push in the right direction – perfect for all levels of athlete. I’m currently injured at the moment and this podcast makes me so excited for my next training regime!
  • Runners Connect – The lovely Tina Muir hosts this weekly running podcast, interviewing specialists in the field of training, nutrition, and running in general. This show gives you something to think about when it comes to your running goals and how to achieve your next PB. Runner’s Connect also has a website full of information, support and training plans. Tina is a real sweetie, and has sent me good luck emails before Chicago and we’ve stayed in touch since!

3 inspirational and motivational podcasts


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Inspiring and motivational podcasts

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  1. Janelle @ Wholly Healthy

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been really into podcasts last but never thought to listen to running ones, so I’ll have to check these out.

  2. CARLA

    OOH ID MISSED RICH ROLL….and my morning canine walks in the COLD have felt interminable in the SiLeNcE.

    • charlotte

      Haha his voice is so calming! I often listen just before I go to sleep to relax and unwind!

  3. Tina Muir

    You are such a sweetheart!!!! Thanks for the kind words! REALLY appreciate it lovey 🙂

  4. brightsuzanne

    love listening to podcasts for long runs!! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Alyssa

    Do you have any other non-sports related podcasts that you love? Sometimes I don’t want to listen to running topics while running 🙂 But I have problems weeding through all the podcasts that are available.

    • charlotte

      YES! I love Serial (and Undisclosed), Jillian Michaels, This American Life, The Chris Moyles Show (a very British one), and Call Your Girlfriend.

  6. Jo

    Tough Girl podcasts are great. Brit Sarah Williams interviews women adventurers from a variety of fields – really inspirational.

  7. Jasmine

    Love Rich Roll! And Dear Sugar is one of my faves!


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