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25 Things to Do During the World Cup (that don’t involve football)

Jun 12, 2014 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

This morning Tom said to me, ‘today marks the first of 28 days of football, are you excited?’ (EDITED TO ADD- there are actually 25 days of football, whoops).

Erm, no not really. Whilst I have learnt not to hate football, watching random teams to whom I have no affiliation, is not of much interest to me. So I started to think about 25 other things I could do instead of watching the football over the next few weeks.

1. Head out for a run.

2. Go to the cinema- especially on a Wednesday (if you have Orange Weds!) A standard film lasts about 120 minutes, more than enough time to miss the pre-match build up, full game and post-game analysis.

3. Catch up via Skype with friends that live overseas.

4. Download a fitness class or yoga video online and complete it, even if you’re relegated to the bedroom from the sitting room.

5. Try a new restaurant, in particular during the England games the ones that you can’t make reservations for should be a little less crowded.

6. Go for a bike ride.

7. Instead of watching the England game on the 19th June, listening to English triathlete legend Chrissie Wellington in a free talk at Runners Need.

8. Or another of the free Runner’s Need talks happening this summer.

9.  Alternatively, attend one of Specialized and Cycle Surgery’s free Women’s Cyling Evenings hosted across London.

10. Go to the gym- if you go during game time it should be less full than usual.

11. Grab a friend who is equally unconcerned about missing the Iran vs Nigeria game and try a new gym class.

12. Go out for cocktails. Or make your own at home- football in Brazil is the perfect excuse for Caipirinhas!

13. Discover some awesome pubs nearby that AREN’T showing the football! Or ones with great beer gardens without screens.

14. Go on a micro-adventure.

15. Read a magazine- the perfect excuse to buy Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Women’s Running, Trail magazine to keep you occupied over multiple evenings.

16. Research and book a holiday.

17. Catch up on blog reading (and writing if you’re me!).

18. Go swimming, try out your local Lido!

19. Sit in the park and enjoy the sunshine.

20. Do your food prep for the week; make breakfast, lunches and prep your dinners in advance. You’ll  feel smug after your early morning workout when you’ve already packed your brekkie and lunch!

21. Sign up to some races- what about an obstacle course event?

22. Take advantage of late night shopping, or spend the 90+ minutes online shopping.

23. Visit an art gallery, museum or exhibition – some of them have late night hours that are worth investigating.

24. Organise a game of tennis, and get excited for Wimbledon.

25. Do some baking- here’s a great banana bread recipe, perfect for a mid morning snack, with a cup of tea or to eat post workout.

 Alternatively, you can just suck it up and embrace it, knowing that in a month’s time it will be over. Plus you might earn some brownie points.

Will you be watching the World Cup or avoiding it? 


  1. Anonymous

    There are more than 28 days of football, it’s 30!

    • Charlie

      thanks, apparently there are actually 25 days that have matches on. Edited the above!

  2. Rachel

    I love this list. I will definitely be trying to do all of these things so I don’t have to get too involved in watching any games! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Pragati

    This list is good for any reason..whether there is a World Cup on or not..most games are in the night for us, so not much of a problem as far as hogging air time! I would still watch a bit, just to get a feel of the excitement.


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