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25 Min Treadmill Interval Incline Workout and WIN Entry to the Wholefoods Richmond Park Run

Sep 26, 2013 | Uncategorized | 15 comments

Since the weather in London has taken a turn for the worse, and will only continue to get darker and wetter as Winter approaches, I know that more of my marathon training runs, especially the short ones, will be done on a treadmill. I used to love doing short treadmill runs, but recently have struggled to make it through even 30mins. After a particularly painful 40min run in the hotel gym (in the oldest treadmill I’ve ever seen) on Tuesday, I knew I had to make my treadmill runs more interesting. I used to follow a lot of treadmill workouts that changed speed, incline and intensity, and know this is key to ensure you don’t keel over with boredom on a treadmill.

I completed this quick and sweaty workout yesterday evening, and the time flew by- helped by the fact that there was a TV to distract me as well. You could do this workout twice for a full 50 minute workout, or use it as a great, short training run or cardio session. I am particularly keen to include inclines into my treadmill workouts as I hope it will be good practise for the hills/bridges of NYC!

You guys know I love including races as part of my marathon training, and am taking part in the Whole Foods Market Women’s Only run in Richmond Park on the 19th October. Well, I have been given a place to give away to one lucky reader- you can choose your distance, 5K, 10K or 15K (I’m going for 15K!), and you can run with a buggy, if you like.

To enter, leave a comment to tell me what your favourite race distance is?

For extra chances to win;
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and leave a separate comment to tell me that you’ve done it.

I paid my own race entry to the Whole Foods Market Women’s Only Run. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday 30th September.  COMPETITION NOW CLOSED- WINNER HAS BEEN NOTIFIED.


  1. anniegetyourrun

    I love/am scared of this workout. I’m definitely trying it this weekend. I just posted a good boot camp running workout from my favorite instructor on my blog. Between the two of these, we’ll be conquering the running world in no time!!!!

  2. Emily Griffiths

    10k – it rarely happens but when I pace it properly it feels so good! I’d like to try 15 though 🙂

  3. Zoelladeville

    Definitely 10k because it’s pacey, but the distance is still challenging, and my legs feel like they’re going to fall off at the end. A 5k is too short, and a half marathon is too long. I’m all for a 10k!

  4. Melissa

    My favourite distance is 10k, but for some reason find myself only entering half marathons (and maybe even a full!) at the moment. Really not sure why… :-/

  5. Melissa

    Follow you on Twitter

  6. Melissa

    Liked on Facebook…

  7. Melissa

    Follow on Instagram (not sure if these count if I already do all of these things?!)

    • Charlie

      Yes they do!!! Good Luck!


    (I’m not anonymous! It’s me Laura S.) My favourite distance is the half marathon, so I’m excited to try a 15k as it sounds like a half marathon without the annoying & painful end 6k! Sign me up!

  9. Laurie @ these happy feet

    I fully agree with lifelauralondon! half marathons are manageable and you don’t have to sprint the entire race (especially useful as I only seem to have one speed for all distances)!

  10. Emma

    My favourite distance is the 10k…I never get into the comfortable stage of running with a 5k! I desperately want to do a half marathon but have a mental block about running over 10k so a 15k race would be a great stepping stone! Definitely going to try this interval sesh-treadmill sessions drag for me too.
    Emma (@emmacschneider)
    Ps followed on twitter and instagram 🙂

  11. Stephanie M

    Despite only doing one so far, I think my favourite distance is 13.1m, it really gives you a chance to get your teeth into it!

  12. Lucy Edwards

    My favourite distance is 10k, but I would like to push myself to do a 15k to build up towards a half-marathon next year. I think 15k would be a nice challenge, and not a race distance I have seen advertised much so I would like to give it a go!
    I follow on instagram, twitter and facebook.


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