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25 Min Ab Workout with TruBe

Jun 23, 2015 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

Trube training with Zoe 2

As a fitness and health blogger, I feel a a lot of pressure to have ripped abs- something I shared more about in a recent post- Why I don’t want a Six Pack.

Sadly I think I like cake too much to ever get washboard abs, however I’d like to work on my stomach before an upcoming holiday. Abs are my least favourite area to train, I easily back off when it gets too tough, or skip them altogether.

I’m working with the TruBe trainers over the next 3 weeks to get beach ready- not to get a six pack, but to work towards a stomach that I can confidently show off when I’m in Portugal with my friends this Summer. TruBe trainers are available across London, you simply book a session on the app for your preferred time, and a trainer nearby is assigned to you. You can workout in your home, local park or at a home or office gym.  It’s so easy to book and to cancel (up to 12 hours before your session – a bonus when other trainers charge you a 24 hour cancellation fee).

My first session was with Alex in my local park and brought Zoe along too so that we could be put through our paces together. I love that you can bring along up to two friends for the £65 fee- if you had a group of you each week that would be a really affordable training session for all!

TruBe trainign with Zoe 1

To target the stomach, you can’t just complete hundreds of sit-ups, it’s important to include fat burning full body exercises too. Alex has a wealth of experience, and that really came through with the fun yet incredibly challenging workout he put together for us.

We completed a circuit workout, including planks, burpees, shuttle runs, press ups and mountain climbers- these exercises worked the entire body, whilst targeting the entire core. Many people don’t realise that the muscles collectively known as ‘the core’ actually include your back, and muscles that stretch into your bum and thighs.

Trube mountain climbers

This circuit is similar to the one Alex took us through and is a great core workout; including a warm up and cool down, it should take about 30 minutes. Complete the following exercises for 45 seconds, with a 15 second break before moving on to the next exercise. Repeat 3 times.

TruBe 25 min ab workout


  1. Emma StripesandSnapshots

    I agree that it definitely takes more than sit ups to get your core strong. I have been doing a lot of circuit training and often it’s the exercises I least expect that give me the greatest core work out. Mountain climbers are the best at getting you super fit quickly! Looking forward to trying out your workout.

    • charlotte

      Thanks Emma, definitely need to do some more mountain climbers! Randomly the best core workout I’ve ever done was a flying trapeze lesson- my abs hurt for days!

  2. Amanda

    Great post, I’m defo gonna try out the workout. What are speedskaters? I though maybe it was a different name for mountain climbers and then saw them at the bottom of the list so guess it’s something different.
    I’m also never gonna have a washboard stomach as I love cake but I’d really like to strengthen my core so thanks for the workout tips.


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