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What’s Next?

Oct 1, 2014 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

I’m the type of person that finishes something, and thinks what next? I am not very good at just being still and relaxing. Its particularly bad when it comes to physical challenges.

The hours following the Berlin Marathon I didn’t think of anything other than how pleased I was to be done.

After the Berlin Marathon with Medal
Yet on Monday and Tuesday, as I read my race report and looked at the things I wish I could change from Sunday’s race, my thoughts and fingers drew me to the Boston marathon website. It has been my goal for a while to run Boston, and not only that but give qualifying a real go. That effort won’t be this year but I hope it will be next year. Although I’ve knocked over an hour from my time since my first marathon, I have a feeling those last 15 minutes are going to be the hardest to outrun.

In the meantime, I am signing up for shorter races, classes and programmes…

On Saturday Loz and I are going to Well Fit– a health and fitness day held by industry experts and celebs in conjunction with Frame and SBC. I cannot wait to try a Skinny Bitch Collective class!

well fit
Tom and I are off on holiday next week which I am so pleased we thought to book after the marathon. It will be amazing to spend time relaxing and recovering on the beach- plus our hotel has plenty of activities included so I’m sure well be pretty active.

Once I’m back from hols I’ve given myself two fitness challenges; one is a week of barrecore workouts- a class a day which I’m excited about as I haven’t been to a class for ages. The second being that I’ll be taking on Kayla Itsines beach body workout for 12 weeks from the 20th Oct. If you don’t follow her on Instagram already- go and do it now! I’ve tried a couple of her workouts already and they are no joke!! Let’s find my abs of steel!!

Race wise there are two on the cards for November; a fun 10k with a load of the TNR girls followed by brunch, and the slightly more aggressive Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest. A 10k obstacle course in Battersea, I’ve heard this is a tamer version of Tough Mudder… I’m running this one with Tom and my step brother which should be a lot of fun although probably fairly competitive!!

What are you up to in the next two months? Any classes that you want to try or races you’re taking on?


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  1. Lauren S (@BreatheBlog)

    Sounds fun! I’ve heard a lot about Kayla’s workout plan lately but couldn’t drop the money just right now. I’m looking forward to running less mileage and getting back to crossfit and some spin classes!


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