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21 Day Refined Sugar Ban

Mar 1, 2015 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

chocolate chip pancakes Hi I’m Charlie and I am a sugar monster.

Everyday around 4pm I start looking around for a sweet treat, often walking up to the vending machine or coffee shop in our building and buying a kitkat or other chocolate bar to enjoy with a cup of tea. You all know I believe in moderation, and have no problem with a daily chocolate treat, but it’s my reliance on this sugar hit that I don’t like.

In Florida I went a bit mad. I knew I was on holiday so didn’t hold back when it came to froyo toppings, diet cokes, pancakes with maple syrup, French toast… you get the picture. But now I’m out of holiday mode, and I need to get this sugar monster under control.

froyo toppings

I am cutting out refined sugar for 21 days. (I was actually going to do it for the 40 days of Lent, but that started on the day I flew to the USA, so…NO!)

There have been reports that show that sugar is actually more addictive than cocaine and heroin, yet it’s the most socially acceptable drug around. That it’s poisonous and toxic doesn’t stop most manufacturers adding it to our food willy-nilly.

According to the British Heart Foundation, “in a single day the average person in the UK consumes 13 teaspoons of sugar with some people consuming up to 46 teaspoons. Even so-called healthy foods are not immune with muesli containing up to four teaspoons while one cereal bar contains as much as eight teaspoons of sugar. ” Pretty scary when you think about it. 

Refined sugar is known to cause inflammation in the body, which can lead to reduced immune function and increased risk of inflammatory conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s,strains of arthritis and certain cancers. In fact, cutting down sugar consumption is pretty much the only thing that all health care professionals and dieticians degree on- you can’t argue with the facts.

I’m not doing the sugar detox where no fruit, dairy etc are allowed, but I am just watching my added sugar consumption. So naturally occurring sugars are fine, KitKats are not so fine.

bowl of fruit and granola

My plan is to swap out the bought breakfast granola pots I have a little too regularly for homemade porridge and overnight oats. I’ll be eating nuts and fruit as snacks, plus some homemade baked goods that have only natural sugars. There’s actually a stall at Borough Market that sells sugar free goodies! I don’t take sugar in my tea or coffee, but I’ll be cutting out my squash and swapping it for V Water, which is made with Stevia, a natural sweetener with nothing artificial which doesn’t have the same effects on the body as normal sugar (although should still be consumed in moderation). Each bottle has added VitaminB, C and E- always a bonus. V Water provides the perfect sweet pick-me up without adding in excess sugar or preservatives, and tastes good! My fave flavour is the Elderflower and Pear- a great sub for elderflower cordial. Image credit. 


My 21 days starts next Thurs, after I finish my uni exams, and now that I have more time on my hands, I’m really looking forward to spending a little longer planning my daily meals, snacks and drinks, and paying more attention to what I’m putting into my body. I’m hoping it helps my skin clear up a little too.

Have you ever done a sugar ban or detox? I know as part of Whole30 you effectively give yourself a sugar ban although fruit is unlimited.

Anyone want to join me?…

This post is sponsored by V Water- sugar monster behaviour is sadly all my own. 


  1. Rebecca

    I did the same thing with a sugar ban for the whole of February (have that one sweet, chocolate, biscuit or cake). Today, being March 1st I thought I would have a binge on sugary goods as a treat for being so good and funnily enough I’ve not even fancied anything sugary at all! I have also felt so much better for it, it feels like my body has had a cleanse and now I don’t wantto pollute it with processed sugar food. Have you also seen Deliouslyella website for good no sugar recipes, it’s fab.

  2. Sue @ This Mama Runs For Cupcakes

    I have a sugar problem too. I have done several of these “detoxes” with no added sugars too and they definitely help. Good luck!!

    • charlotte

      Thanks Sue!

  3. Cathryn

    I’m going to do this – apart from alcohol. I don’t drink much but I’m going to Vegas this weekend and the wine tasting later in March and not drinking isn’t going to happen. But everything else? I’m on board.

    • charlotte

      Yay amazing, glad to have you on board!! I think making these sorts of things work for you and your life is crucial otherwise they don’t work! Good luck x

  4. karleykar

    I too am a sugar monster! And can relate to sugar binge diving! Its all about moderation…easy said than done sometimes I know. I have been through many different food consumption experimentation s and what I’m doing right now seems to work best and that is…just like you, keeping “natural” sugars such as fruit part of my diet. HOWEVER, I try my best to have a 1 to 3 veggie ratio every day. So for every fruit I have I must eat 3-4 veggies. Although fruit is “natural” sugar, its still sugar and amounts should be taken into consideration. Also I’m a huge sucker for dark chocolate…so now I just make my own. Super easy. Coconut oil, coco powder, some nuts and if you choose you’re personal amount of honey or sugar. You can find a few different recipes online. My skin cleared up loads and I’ve been able to sustain my choice of consumption and still keep certain sweets a part of my regular diet. Also WATER, WATER, WATER…to be more aware of what goes in your body, start reading labels and if you can’t pronounce 1-2 words in the ingredients, rather not put it into your body. Best of luck to you!


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