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Dec 4, 2011 | Running | 0 comments

There are officially 20 weeks to go until I run 26.2 miles in the London Marathon. This scares me quite a lot. Not only am I running the marathon for myself, but I am running it in memory of Vic, and am running it for all those people who have sponsored me, who have supported me and believed in me. I don’t want to let anyone down! This is the first of the weekly countdown posts detailing my training runs- sorry for the gross photos of myself!

This weeks training runs have been….ok. I was scheduled to run 3 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday then 5.5 miles on Sunday.

Tuesday’s run was pretty miserable. To start with it was dark, raining and cold, but I managed to force myself outside. Annoyingly though things were against me once I was outside as my stomach was playing up, my bra strap unpinged half-way through the run (not comfortable) and I wasn’t able to do it up again whilst running. Plus I had worn my MIND top for inspiration but it kept riding up which meant that I spent the run pulling/holding my top down, very annoying.

Wednesday’s 3 miler was much better although it was still cold and dark. My legs were also shot after a heavy weights session on Monday night, and yoga on Tuesday evening. Not fast and not fun but 3 miles done. 
Thursday’s run was quicker than Wednesdays, mostly because I had to be at work early so had no time to dilly dally, but also because my legs felt a bit stronger. I didn’t wear my Garmin for my runs this week and it felt so relaxing. I pretty much have 2 and 3 mile loops around the area worked out so I can run knowing I am covering the right mileage. 
My long run this week was done today on a treadmill (yuk!) but in Egypt!! The hotel gym is pretty nice although a little too hot, and I found myself downing water and using a towel to dry off rather more than I would have liked. Glad to get my miles done and be able to enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 


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