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Jack’s guest blog post 

I had a target before the marathon of hitting the 20 mile mark at least during my training. I was getting back into training after my week in St Lucia where food and drink were my main priority as opposed to hitting the pretty hilly roads. The two running machines at the gym were broken so I was restricted to cycling 10ks everyday to keep in shape.

I chose a crisp spring morning to tackle the 20 miles and donned the gear I would be wearing on the big day. I lubed up my nipples with some vaseline, unfortunately rose coloured, to stop the chaffing that I have been experiencing on previous runs.

 I wore my Princess Alice Marathon top, a pretty garish fluorescent yellow, with my name on.

The first five miles were surprisingly hard,  my knees were throbbing. Luckily after those first challenging five, I got into my stride. I was armed with my new I pod which had some fairly questionable new tracks on but kept me going.

I had borrowed Charlie’s pink bum bag for the run and stocked it with Lucozade gel,  which turns out to be one of the foulest things that I have ever tasted, but seems to do the job.After twelve miles I was keen for an energy boost so whipped out my gel and, much to the amusement of a van driver on Kew Bridge, I spat it straight out.

My split times were pretty good, with an average pace of 9.53. I am going to have to speed up on Marathon day if I am going to finish in under 4 hours.

Mile 1 – 9.18
Mile 2 – 9.31
Mile 3 – 9.45
Mile 4 – 9.54
Mile 5 – 9.48
Mile 6 – 9.37
Mile 7 – 9.35
Mile 8 – 9.32
Mile 9 – 9.37
Mile 10 – 9.25
Mile 11 – 9.22
Mile 12 – 9.38
Mile 13 – 10.06
Mile 14 – 9.50
Mile 15 – 10.11
Mile 16 – 9.51
Mile 17 – 10.06
Mile 18 – 10.29
Mile 19 – 10.52
Mile 20 – 11.18

I slowed right down towards the end, but I am hoping that the atmosphere and the crowds will help me push through on the 17th April.


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