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11 Miles through the Irish Countryside

Jun 25, 2014 | Running | 3 comments

It can be hard enough getting up to go for a run on a weekend morning, this becomes even harder when you’re on holiday and your friends are still in bed. Luckily the sun was shining, the views were gorgeous and I only had to complete half of the run on my own.

I was in Ireland for a long weekend, staying at a friend’s parent’s house in Galway, the West of Ireland. The house itself was fairly remote, with stunning panoramic views  from the ginormous windows. My plan was to run the first 6 miles solo, running along the quiet country roads from the house to the local village and back again.

11 Miles through the Irish Countryside

Running through the Irish Countryside

Running through the Irish Countryside

I usually rely on Spotify for music, so without internet I was music less, luckily the views more than made up for it and were enough to distract me.

Welcome to Cong Cunga Feichin

Running at Ashford Castle

The turnaround point came at Ashford Castle, where we had enjoyed drinks on the lawn the previous evening. Building started in 1228, with newer sections and gardens added over the centuries, the castle is now a lovely 5 star hotel.

Running at Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle

The Runner Beans at Ashford Castle

Once I’d completed one out and back, I picked up my friend Ally to finish the final 5 miles with. I was so excited when she’d told me she wanted to join me for part of my run, and I was very glad of the company to keep me motivated for the second half. Sadly I completely forgot to get any photos of Ally and I running, although the last mile consisted of me encouraging her to keep running by telling her all the things we could eat and drink at the end of our run; iced coffees, Prosecco and ice-cream came up tops!

11 miles done in an average pace of 9.17, followed by some stretching, iced lattes and admiring of Ally’s blisters.

This is my friend Nadia, using what we have at hand to get some strength work in…a wine bottle, obviously.

Using a Wine Bottle for Ab Workout

What motivates you for the last mile or so of your runs? 


  1. Anonymous

    So beautiful! I really want to go running in Ireland!

  2. Lauren @Poweredbypb

    I absolutely love Galway, spent a few days there around this time last year, it’s absolutely stunning and I would love to go back.


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