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10 Ways You Can Workout without Hitting the Gym

Jun 17, 2016 | Cross Training, Running | 1 comment

Exercise does more than just burn calories, it is a great stress reliever and mood booster. No longer are traditional gyms the only way to get fit, there are plenty of more fun, enjoyable ways to earn those exercise endorphins. As part of Weight Watcher’s Power of Positive Thinking campaign here are my favourite ways of getting fit without stepping foot inside a traditional gym…


  • Walking


Free, convenient, and accessible to all. Walking can be a great first step (sorry I couldn’t resist) into fitness. Grab a friend and a coffee and go for a walk instead of sitting in the coffee shop, power-walk to work instead of getting the bus, or stroll to the shops rather than driving to burn extra cals.


  • YouTube videos


There’s so many free workout videos online that you can do in the comfort (or discomfort) of your own sitting room. From HIIT workouts, to yoga, barre and Pilates, whether you have 5 mins or 50 mins. Some of my favourites are Blogilates, Carly Rowena, and Yoga with Adriene.

Trube training with Zoe 2


  • Local Park bootcamp


Now that the weather’s improving, you don’t have to be quite so brave to join the local bootcamp come rain or shine. With the encouragement of the leader and camaraderie from your fellow bootcampers, these great value, friendly workouts will improve your fitness in no time.


  • Hiking


One of the best fat burning exercises is incline walking, and it’s a great way to enjoy the great outdoors with the whole family. Plan a local hike next weekend or on your next holiday and enjoy the positive benefits of being outside.

Swimming in stockholm


  • Swimming


Cardio exercise without any impact. Swimming works the whole body, and is another great one to get the whole family or your friends involved with. You’ll build endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness whilst allowing your mind to switch off and chill out.


  • Bike ride


Cycling commuting, group bike rides, hopping on a Santander Bike, or joining a spinning class – anything to get those legs moving. Another low impact, endorphin filled workout, suitable for all fitness levels.


  • Dance lessons


Fitness can be fun, and hilarious when trying to learn a new dance routine. Laughing burns calories too! Zumba is a great fitness specialized dance class, or try a hip hop, ballet or jazzercise class.


  • Join a Team


Did you play a sport at school? Why not rekindle that competitive edge and join a local team? You’ll get a great workout running after the ball whether that’s a netball, hockey, football, or rugby ball, plus you’ll feel great after a training session or match too.

Cardiff Park Run


  • Turn up to your local parkrun


Walk, jog or run at your local park run, a free timed 5K organised completely by volunteers. If you’re not up for completely the 3.1 miles yet, then offer your services as a marshall for one of the events.


  • Sign up to a Free Class


Nike, Sweaty Betty, Lululemon, as well as many other sports shops offer in-store or outdoor classes on a weekly basis. There’s a great mix of yoga, Pilates, Barre, bootcamps and runs, all completely free of charge! Plus you’ll make some great friends while working out.

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  1. Besma (@BesmaCC)

    Really great list Charlie! I’ve recently blogged about running, and how it’s enabled me to be free of my local gym (it was far too overcrowded). I’d love to take up swimming too, now you’ve mentioned it…

    Besma | Curiously Conscious


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